Bathroom Reno

Marc and I just took possession of a new house. We CANNOT wait to do our bathroom like this!!


My Summer Vacation by Tyrn James

This is Ty weighing in for the first time on mom and dad's blog. It is almost my six month birthday and mom has spent the past six months teaching me to read and write. Here is my debut essay, fitting for the first week of school . . . I cannot believe that my first summer has already gone by. It was a busy one! Mom and Dad took me many places - Idaho, Yellowstone and now Lethbridge and Edmonton. I saw lots of my favourite relatives this vacation. **

Like Grandma!

And Grandpa!

And Nana and Grandpa.

And Auntie Julie.
I love men with beards. They make me giggle. Uncle Brad's beard gave me a laughing fit, so did cousin Nevin's!

I met my namesake Tyrn. He saw in me the potential to become a drum superstar and gave me my first drum lesson. First lesson: How to suck the sticks.

I also met Ty's mom - Grandma Deb. She LOVES me! What's not to love though!
This vacation involved many firsts for me . . .

I tried rice cereal for the first time.

Had my inaugaural trip to Jasper.
Saw mommy and daddy's old house.

Visited LOTS of people. Mom and Dad know too many people. I obliged them and was very cooperative and acted cute and cooed for them all.

Mom and Dad played Outburst with their friend. Take a look at this card, it made them all laugh. I don't really get it - Who the heck is Warren Beatty?

Oh I almost forgot! In the middle of our family vacation we had family pictures with the big G's! (That is how I refer to daddy's side of the family.) It was rainy and cold - 6 freakin' degrees! (Oh sorry, mommy doesn't like it when I talk like that) I was freezing but I cooperated to the best of my ability - I am only six months you know!
You can look at Auntie Julie and Uncle Lowell's blog if you want to see more pictures.

The next few months will be busy for mom and dad - they are moving into a new house!! I refuse to pack any boxes but I might help them out by learning how to crawl and mess up some cupboards for them!

**I have become THAT mother!!! The one who narrates for my children and makes it sound so cheesy. No more I vow, no more! This will be my one and only Ty narration. ;)


maria aliciana

today tyrn met his new cousin maria for the first time.

she makes him look like a giant.

brad and raquel are happy and confident parents. they are obviously in love.

welcome to the world maria!