Memories O' the Wack (AKA The longest post ever!)

We are leaving Chilliwack in three weeks (ahhh I can't believe that.) We have had some wonderful times here. Some higlights include meeting some awesome people, reconnecting with friends and enjoying the amazing outdoors! Here are some pictures highlights of our two and a half years here. The evolution of my hair is also interesting. I like it much better now.

So brace yourself folks, it's a long one. I think the longest and most picture intensive post I have ever done. I did most of it on our new laptop on the comfort of our couch. I present to you our memories of beautiful BC . . .

(I don't usually cry at weddings during the ceremony but if there is sentimental music with lots of major chords the water works usually get going during the slideshow. If you feel like listening to sentimental music I recommend the ever popular "Somewhere over the Rainbow" ukelele version or "It's a Wonderful World". I will shy away from recommending power ballads here but would be extra happy if someone listened to one while viewing.)

Our last day in Edmonton before setting out for the Lower Mainland. Notice our house reflected in my sunglasses and Marc taking the picture in the other lens.

The Great Outside

(That is even the copyrighted name of Chilliwack on their website!!!!)

Around Chilliwack
A waterfall that we hiked to with the residents when we did a boat trip on Harrison Lake

On the boat

Mount Cheam (We can see this mountain from our kitchen window, but not this close!)

Bridal Falls

Othello Tunnels
More tunnels

The Chipmunk Caves

Jones Lake

The Sunshine Coast

My mom on the Smuggler's Cove Trail on the Sunshine Coast

No Golden is not in the Lower Mainland but we did live there for two months for Marc's rural placement.
Our friend Colin on top of Mount Carnarvon

On the top of Kicking Horse Mountain

Marc received a free paragliding ride after delivering the instructors baby. I was much more nervous than him and I stayed on the ground!

Emerald Lake
Marc with his cousin Doug

The top of Mount Seven

Gorman Lake Hike

Salt Spring Island

The amazingly beautiful off leash dog area in Chilliwack
Island 22

Harrison Hot Springs
Harrison is about 20 minutes from Chilliwack and has beautiful hikes and a world class sand castle competition!

Mayne Island

Amazing Times with Friends and Family

Okay I think I went just a LITTLE overboard. We have had so many wonderful times and memories here and I just could resist posting all these pictures. We did travel to Montreal, Alberta (of course) and I travelled to Newfoundland during this time but I thought I would spare you ALLLL of the pictures of the last two years and just present BC. Lucky you!