Do we really live here?

Marc and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Chilliwack the past few days and yesterday while we were walking (well walk/running Niko, Marc did more of the running and I did more of the walking but I did run a few hills. UGH!) Niko at Cultus Lake I exclaimed to Marc that it is so amazing to live in such a beautiful place. Places like Cultus Lake used to be vacation spots for my family growing up and it is so nice to be able to walk out our door and drive 20 minutes to beautiful destinations. (Sorry Lethbridge you are beautiful but your flat, brown lands do not really compare to lovely lakes surrounded by green lush vegetation. You do beat Chilliwack in the wind area though!)

Our friends Colin and Christine and family came to visit us yesterday and we had a fun walk to the park and a great visit.
After our walk at Cultus we came home and decorated the cupcakes left over from lunch for our small group.
It's getting to be summer and Marc is adopting his favourite warm weather attire. (i.e no shirt)
A pig for our friend Chad the pig farmer.
And the froggies, whose real life counterparts are starting a cacaphone of croaks with all the excess water at Island 22.


Did you miss me?

Hello blog readers, this is Niko! It's been a while since I last posted on this blog but let me assure you that I have been very busy since then!! I spent the year in Revelstoke with my friends Julie, Chris and Josh and they have been to visit us twice since Marc and Kylie brought me back to Chilliwack! The first time I was a bit surprised and didn't know what to do with myself so after happily greeting them I ran around the coffee table and basement multiple, multiple times. The second time I was a bit more prepared for their coming and contained myself.
Here's Julie showing me how much she loves me and misses me!!

Josh and I took a ride in the back of the truck for a bike ride. I was really tempted to jump out but I remembered that last time I tried that I landed on my head!

After Julie and Chris visited Marc and Kylie decided that it was time to shave me! I really, really hate this process. It involves loud instruments and a bath!! If you know dogs at all, (and it seems that Marc and Kylie don't) you should know we hate baths!

Here I am embracing my newfound (or should I say newhound, I think being around Kylie has really influenced my wit!) hairlessness. Marc and Kylie thought this was very amusing when I rolled on the lawn for quite a long time with a stick in my mouth, but it was hot you guys! And the grass was wet!

I've been pretty bored as of late. Laying around a lot really gets to you. I wish Marc and Kylie would get out a bit more instead of sitting on their butts. Well, I guess I have done a lot, especially with my aunt Shareen around.
At a beaver dam on a walk. I tried to swim and chase the geese but they can fly!!!

Shareen showing me the love!
With my soon to be?? girlfriend Bella at Rolley Lake in Mission. I really wish she didn't live so far away and that she couldn't outrun me because I don't want the be the slow one in the relationship!

But like I said, I've mainly been laying around. ;) And here's the evidence! Oh it's a dogs life!


Sister Weekend

I spent the past weekend in Victoria with my three lovely sister in laws and I just sent these pictures to Julie and was reminded of what a fun weekend we had.

On Friday night we went out for fish and chips on the pier and had fun taking pictures of each other and asking Craig to take multiple shots of the four of us.

On Saturday while Julie was at a speech therapy conference (where she aced her test with 100%!) Carlynne and Shareen and I did a bit of shopping in downtown Victoria.

On our travels we saw a Violence Against Women protest entitled "Walk a mile in her shoes" (or something like that) where a large group of men were walking a mile in high heels. I must say some of them were quite nimble!!

This picture is very reminicent of a picture of Carlynne and I from Lamu.
Why is it that when girls get together they have to first make themselves look crazy in the name of beauty?

As I said, for the most part this weekend I had a great time but I do look a bit disturbed in these pictures don't I? Marc's sisters will do that to you. ;)