February in the Valley

We have seen more snow in February than we have for a while. It has snowed the last couple days and today I took the boys out with Niko and Zeke was done after about ten minutes (and it was only -1). We are raising some wimpy Canadian boys out here. ;)  These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago after another snowfall.  Marc and Ty made a snow dragon.

Yes we have a porta-potty in our backyard right now.  We are currently doing a deck renovation.  Really adds to the ambience in the snow.

Ty enjoyed his first year of getting Valentine's from his classmates.  Although he really didn't care who gave him the cards, only that he got candy.
Zeke enjoying one of the cupcakes I made for Ty's classmates:
He's getting so big!  His hair is finally starting to grow a little bit. And you can see his cute dimples in this bottom picture.  They don't show themselves very often.  It certainly makes him look different.
For Valentine's Day I made Marc granola .  Kind of an unconventional present.  But he loved it.  (And is currently still enjoying it.)  I must say, I think it was my best batch ever.  Undercooked it a bit and didn't stir it at all.

A Valentine's Day Juxtaposition.  Conventional and Non-Conventional Presents.  Also notice my wedding rings beside the granola pan.  Awwwww.
Ty made this very large Valentine card for Mommy and Daddy atPreschool.  
Zekey. . . . just because he's cute. 

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the states to stay at Great Wolf Lodge, a waterslide park hotel.  
We had a great couple of days away as a family! Numerous pool visits, some water sliding and lots of hot tubbing.  

This is Zeke after a sip of Marc's beer.  Hee hee

The bunk beds that Ty slept on.  He was certainly excited.  Zeke slept beside the bottom bunk in his Pack n Play.

On the way home we stopped in Seattle for lunch at a French restaurant. It was delicious but HEAVY!  French onion soup with LOTS of cheese, fries and egg on french toast with ham (croquette?).  No highchair for Zeke so we did some entertaining with my sunglasses and camera.

At the Jordan Klassen concert in Chilliwack. Fun!

Lately Zeke has been taking more solo walks with Marc.  Ty is not as fond of going as he used to be but thankfully Zeke has replaced him in the enthusiasm department.  Yesterday Marc and Ty went out on their own and I spent a lot of their walk consoling Zeke because he couldn't go.

Both boys out on a walk:

Lastly, we headed out to Hemlock Ski Resort last week.  We were originally planning on doing some tubing but the Tube Park was under a lot of snow so Marc did some skiing and Ty got a lesson in the afternoon.  I spent the morning in the lodge with the boys watching the Women's Gold Medal hockey game.  Fun!  Ty liked the snow. Zeke not so much.

Ty on his way to his first lesson.  He did great!  Marc is taking him again tomorrow.  A new ski bunny is born  . . .


jan beaches

this january has been beautiful and clear.  we have spent a lot of time on the beach, playing in the sand and throwing rocks in the water.

it's nice to get outside when the sun is shining.  we all love it.  lots of space to explore and play.  on the weekends you have to go further to find a place of your own, but on weekdays its empty.

well we're on the topic of the fraser river, remember last year when i drowned our 4 runner on the way to this very beach?  well we sold it to an apprentice mechanic with a promise of pics and it has been beautifully transformed into a diesel mountain machine!  love it.