Our family just returned from a lovely week in Whistler. We used some of Marc's parents time share points and were able to spend the week in a condo right in the village (no driving yay!).  We walked around a lot, played at the park, Ty and Zeke each learned to ride their new bikes and we ate A LOT of chocolate.  Marc got in some biking and skiing and I got in some sitting and reading at some coffee shops. ;)

The boys first beaver tails . . .

Crazy that Marc could bike AND ski on the same vacation.  

Text pictures from the top and the bottom of the hill.  I took the boys to the bike and skate park while Marc was skiing and they had a great time running over the jumps and watching the skateboarders.  I was having flash forwards of my future with my boys doing crazy jumps and stunt and had a few heart palpitations. 

Walking through the village with ice cream.  I think we did this 3 or 4 nights of our week there.  Lovely!  The boys liked to stop at the Olympic rings each time as well.  

The weather was lovely the whole time.  We ate breakfast and lunch at our condo (usually or from the amazing bakery Purebread right under our place.  The best baking we have ever had!  I'm sure they use all low fat ingredients.  We spent a lot of time there too!  Chocolate and baking.  What a holiday! In the evening we usually went out for dinner and because of the nice weather spent most dinners on patios.  Nice for the boys to be able to play after dinner.

There was an amazing little park right outside the doors to our place.  We spent hours every day there. Zeke LOVES to bike.  He was very insistent that he do everything himself.  He already likes hills.  Eeek!!

Just a few more weeks until we have a new addition to our family!!  Crazy.  Whistler was sure a nice break for all of us.


Zeke turns 2!!

The weather here is definitely starting to be spring and summerish in Chilliwack.  (Sorry Lethbridgians)  And we have definitely been spending more time outside.  

The moustache is no longer.  Marc still misses it.  I do not.  At all.  

 The above sun dog picture was taken with Marc's iPhone camera.  Cool!

 Reading emails from Nana and Papa about their cruise. The boys loved seeing pictures of the ship.

We celebrated Zeke's birthday and party in the last two weeks.  We kept his party really small and low key and had it at a park by our house on a beautiful day.  So nice!  I was going to do a 3D beach ball cake and take two half spheres and put them together but unfortunately (but actually fortunately!!) one of them collapsed when I was putting it on the wire rack.  I decided to make two cakes and just spread icing on one and threw some candy I had in the cupboard on top and then used fruit and cream cheese icing to make a beach ball cake for the adults.  

The final product.  So easy!  (Took me about 15 minutes.)  He was a huge fan! 
Ring pop party favours: 

This picture makes me laugh.  The ring pop Chilliwack gang.  The boys on the swings were super nice and there for the entire party.  They played with the kids and were happy to engage with them.  We gave them ring pops and pizza.  Ty and Quinton look a little too confident for four year olds for my liking in these pictures. ;)

The birthday boy attempting to steal a pink car at his party:

 The obligatory mom with cake(s) picture.  

Happy Birthday little Zekey!  We sure love you our little jumping, goofy, sweet, determined boy!! 


Grandma Comes for a Visit

Grandma was just here for a week and the boys sure had a great time with her! She was here for Easter weekend so there was lots of Easter themed activities that we could do.  Ty played a lot of lego with Grandma as well . . .

Playing outside on the path across the street.  Ty is getting quite proficient at climbing and Zeke LOVES books and takes them everywhere!!
We went for a walk to the dyke one day.  Zeke also loves animals and Ty and I did most of the walking while Zeke stood with my mom and looked at all the birds.

Yes that is a half shaved Niko behind us.  Moral of the story . . . Niko's hair is really thick and hard to shave.  

Getting ready for bed:

On Good Friday we headed to the Tulip Festival in Agassiz.  It was beautiful and VERY busy.  We got there in the morning but when we left at noon, the cars were backed up for at least 5km.  Crazy!

Enjoying a tulip cookie at the tulip festival!

Chilliwack is all about tulips and quading this time of year! After admiring the beauty of the tulips we had dinner at the river with some friends.  This was the last weekend before the river rose and there were hundreds of people camping.  It's own little city.  Zeke was very happy to go for a quad ride with Daddy again.
Ty, Grandma and Mommy made easter eggs one day while Zeke was napping:

Here is Ty telling Zeke all about how he made the eggs and whose egg was whose.  So cute!

Easter Sunday best. . . Nice tops, dirty pants (or no pants) and rooster tail hair.  That's how we roll.  Oh and mismatched socks.

The Easter bunny quite enjoys the path across the street from our house and so hides the eggs up the trail.  It was fun to see how excited Zeke was this year.  He has his fathers love for chocolate and would eat it for every meal if we let him.  (He also loves 75% dark chocolate.  The nut!)

For Easter dinner we invited Brad and Launa and family over and had a great time with great food!

For Christmas my dad gave Ty a rocket launcher that we finally set up while my mom was here.  This is a crazy rocket launcher and it launched a pop bottle at least 60 feet in the air.  So fun! Ty loved pumping it up before pulling the tab to let it go.  He and Marc would then run to the front yard to see where it landed.

Thanks for all the fun times Grandma!!  We miss you!!!