Weekend O Visiting

This past weekend Marc's sisters Shareen and Julie and Julie's lovely husband Lowell came for a visit. It was a short but sweet visit and we tried to pack a lot into two days!

On the night they arrived we had a belated birthday dinner of tacos for Shareen. I basically replicated the meal that Shareen and Craig made in Hawaii - tacos with all the fixings! (Shareen even made the guacamole for her birthday dinner!) We had chocolate chocolate cake for dessert. The cake picture is a bit shaky because Niko started howling while we were singing Happy Birthday (just like he did here) and I was laughing too hard to get a good picture.

After a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon we headed out to the Cheam Lake Wetlands for a walk on a sunny Sunday.
We stopped along the way to feed Ty some applesauce and Marc, Shareen and Julie attempted to make Ty laugh during our break . . .

To no avail:

They danced:Put on music:And danced some more:He didn't even move a muscle!
"You people are crazy"

You may have noticed our cute toques in some of the pictures. Shareen made these for Julie and I (and herself of course). Aren't they cute?!!

Last night we rounded out our visiting weekend by heading to Abbotsford to visit with some old friends from Lethbridge.
I don't think Chris reads our blog anymore so he won't have the privilege of seeing this most flattering picture of him. His loss!

This is the start of our visitor season . . .we have a few more to come in the next few weeks. But let's be realistic, they aren't coming to see us, they're coming to see this guy: ;)


Things that have made me happy this week . . .

1. A surprise date with Marc for tea:

2. Ty: (Of course!)
3. A great visit with my Dad!

4. The view from Chilliwack Mountain:
5. Pictures of my niece Maria:
6. Ty laughing

7. An e-mail from our former tenant in Edmonton. We had major sewage issues when we first moved into our house in Edmonton, all of them in the basement where three very patient first year university students lived. These sewage issues involved sewage backed up into the bathtub and sewage all over their floor. I (and Bethany, Amy and Chandra)have fond memories of Marc hosing down their laundry in our backyard that had somehow become covered in poop. I also remember Bethany and I walking down the icy winter roads with a wet vac filled with sewage looking for an open sewer drain to dump it into. Bethany is now a mom and has her own tenants and sent us an e-mail this week saying they had poop problems in their basement in the first few days of having a tenant. Marc and I had a good laugh and reminisced about our Edmonton house and being first time land lords cleaning up poop and cigarettes in our basement. We feel for you Bethany and pass the methane fueled torch to you! Oh the memories.


Crazy Child

As mentioned in a previous post, Ty has a new picture taking face. He does it all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME!!!! As soon as he sees the camera he looks at it and makes this face. I think it has something to do with the light that comes on first (although he does it with my iphone too and there is no light on that one) but I also think he takes after me and my love of making faces for the camera. Crazy kid!

I took this set tonight:

Here's a couple more:

There are some pictures of Ty not making faces. Here he is brushing his tooth for the first time. He has also discovered drawers. Uh Oh!