Weekend O Visiting

This past weekend Marc's sisters Shareen and Julie and Julie's lovely husband Lowell came for a visit. It was a short but sweet visit and we tried to pack a lot into two days!

On the night they arrived we had a belated birthday dinner of tacos for Shareen. I basically replicated the meal that Shareen and Craig made in Hawaii - tacos with all the fixings! (Shareen even made the guacamole for her birthday dinner!) We had chocolate chocolate cake for dessert. The cake picture is a bit shaky because Niko started howling while we were singing Happy Birthday (just like he did here) and I was laughing too hard to get a good picture.

After a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon we headed out to the Cheam Lake Wetlands for a walk on a sunny Sunday.
We stopped along the way to feed Ty some applesauce and Marc, Shareen and Julie attempted to make Ty laugh during our break . . .

To no avail:

They danced:Put on music:And danced some more:He didn't even move a muscle!
"You people are crazy"

You may have noticed our cute toques in some of the pictures. Shareen made these for Julie and I (and herself of course). Aren't they cute?!!

Last night we rounded out our visiting weekend by heading to Abbotsford to visit with some old friends from Lethbridge.
I don't think Chris reads our blog anymore so he won't have the privilege of seeing this most flattering picture of him. His loss!

This is the start of our visitor season . . .we have a few more to come in the next few weeks. But let's be realistic, they aren't coming to see us, they're coming to see this guy: ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Whatever came over stone face Ty!! Cute pictures!!
Love Mum

Lowell & Julie said...

Not even Lady Gaga did it for Ty! Resist it as I might, Lady Gaga ALWAYS does it for me!