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ty had a great week with grandma. he started walking, and she taught him how to go down stairs backwards and how to feed himself with a spoon.

after a recent reminder of how tasty yorkshire puddings are, kylie made a stunning first attempt. light and airy, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.
just to solidify the knowledge, she followed it up with another beautiful batch the next night to go with the leftovers. fantastic.

spring has finally arrived in the valley. time for summer tires! super grip, but only over 4 degrees.


Birthday Fun!

Ty started out his birthday party day by showing off his new trick that Grandma taught him . . . Climbing!! :) This picture nicely encapsulates the hanging diaper as well. This is essential for climbing at the one year level.
Here is Ty's Turtle Cake. This picture captures the last couple of days here well! March Madness on in the background, Ty's birthday and what took the most time - his cake!
The guests arrived . . .
Spring is here! Enjoying our deck for the first time this year.
There were lots of kids at Ty's party and game chaos ensued. . .

Time for cake!
Mmmm Cake!
He was much more interested in cake this time, but the candle still trumped all!
Ty was excited to see all the new climbing implements (aka presents) all his guests had bought him. Seconds after this picture was taken, Ty's head made a very loud clunk on the floor. . .
Hence him double fisting cookies while opening presents . . .

Winding Down . . .

(Bonus points if you can tell me where the tape and the i phone are in this picture as well as how many children it contains.) :)

Happy Birthday Ty . . .


Sun and Son

The sun finally came out this last week, just in time for us to enjoy the birthday of our son!! We have been having a great time enjoying the first glimpses of spring as well as our new one year old!!

This was Ty's first time crawling on and touching grass. He was quite tentative at first but as soon as he became accustomed to it, he was eating moss and sticks and rocks!

We have had some crazy weather here lately. Days of sun, rain, wind, hail and sometimes all at the same time!! Here it was pouring rain with some brilliant sun shining down on the valley. (In Chilliwack this is what we classify as brilliant sun. ;) We are definitely hurting in the sunshine department right now!)
Ty's had some fun playing with his older girlfriends recently . . .
And a pink and purple soother. Hmmmm

And a bit of drinking and driving . . . Uh Oh! He also happened to pour coffee all over his books and beer all over his pajamas the morning these picture were taken.

My mom arrived yesterday to help Ty celebrate his birthday.

Skyping with Nana and Grandpa, singing "Happy Birthday!"
He liked the candle more than the cake. What kind of kid doesn't like cake and icing? Not his mother's son, that's for sure!! He wouldn't even eat the icing when it was mixed in with sweet potato!!! (I am giving a lot of my bad mothering practices away in this post aren't I? Judge not lest ye be judged.) ;)

Today we were busy preparing for Ty's party tomorrow. You will have to wait to see full cake pictures later this week!


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