The past two weeks have been friend busy, Christmas busy and chocolate filled. This year we were in Chilliwack for Christmas and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This was the first Christmas that Ty was really aware of what was going on and he was certainly a lot of fun.

On my birthday Ty and Marc surprised me with a rainbow cake that Ty had made for me and flowers and a Christmas wreath that he had bought with Daddy.  He was so excited to show me them.

I had been in the store where Marc and Ty purchased this wreath a couple days earlier and had noticed it.  Ty also noticed it and brought it to Marc to get for me.  Good taste Ty!

Birthday sunset walk

The next day I baked a chocolate cake for dinner and then handed the spoon to Zeke to lick.  I left the room for a minute and came back to this.  I think this was partially Zeke's doing and partially Ty's doing.

Visiting with the VK kids (3 of them back from school)

Zeke showing off for everyone 

Building a snow dragon.  Ty has been waiting for the day when he could build something in the snow for a long time.  He was upset that the snow in Lethbridge was not good snowball snow.  Chilliwack snow is always good snowball snow ;) (heavy and wet!)

The Christmas crazies.  Chasing each other around the island.  

 Gingerbread house making.  Marc and I made a windmill.  Ty was excited that it had magically appeared one night after he went to bed.  
The gingerbread house crew:

Christmas Eve walk

On Christmas Eve night we headed to Marc's second cousins, then to church for Christmas dinner and home to open two presents - matching pyjamas and one small toy.  Here is Ty showing off his pajamas and excitedly telling Zekey that he got Angry Birds balls.

Family pic:

Christmas morning.  Chocolate for breakfast.  mmmmmmmm

Playing in their matching pyjamas.

Giving Daddy off to work hugs:

Afterwards the boys and I headed to some friends for dinner.  A lovely, relaxing day.

And lastly I will leave you with our Christmas baking plates.  Some baked by yours truly and some by friends.  Delightful!   (This may have appealed to you before Christmas but now many of you are probably all cookied out) ;)

Merry Christmas to all!


Snow Patrol

We just got home from a lovely week away in COLD, snowy Lethbridge. We had a great time visiting with grandparents and cousins as well as attending a wedding.

My dad had booked the gym at his school for a basketball practise that didn't happen so instead we brought the kids for an afternoon of playing in the gym.  They loved it!

We brought out a crash mat and the kids enjoyed jumping onto it from the top of the bleachers.  No fear!
We had two Christmases while in Lethbridge.  Ty loved opening all his presents.  He barely looked at one before he jumped to open the next.
This night at my dad's, Zeke had pop, pie and chocolate for dinner.  Good job Mommy. ;)
The reason for our trip to Lethbridge was Marc's childhood friend Gerald and his new wife Rheana's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding on a cold, snowy day.  (I took these pictures from their photographers blog - Loree Photography.  Her pictures are beautiful!)
Chatting with the tall groom

Christmas #2.  Before:  So pristine. 
The aftermath:

Ty had lots of cousin time this trip.  He and Maria love being together.  

And getting in trouble together.  Still not sure who coloured her face, I think it was a joint effort.  Note to those of you who have not had to get permanent marker out of skin:  Toothpaste works like a charm.

We went to the CP Rail Christmas train one night when it headed through Lethbridge.  The train was late and it was quite cold (a theme of our trip) so we and several others hung around in nearby Save On Foods. 

Ty and Fraser ran around the store and Nana even read stories to them in the book aisle while we waited.

When the train finally did arrive there was a concert by Matt Dusk and Melanie Doan.  The boys had a great time despite the cold! Zeke was on my shoulders and was rockin' out the whole time.

We went to Marc's parents church on Sunday.  Ty was happy going to the front and being able to watch the baptism from the steps.  He also had a great time eating cake and playing basketball afterwards.  
Note his much too short pants.  He has had a growth spurt and all his pants are too short.  Marc and I think he will take after his parents and be the tallest kid until junior high and then watch as his peers all slowly surpass him.  
Playing in the snow.  It was about -20 and he lasted about 20 minutes.  Not too bad.   Daddy came in before him.  

Oh Zekey.  This is his favourite new expression.  He loves our reaction to it and makes it especially when he is eating food that he likes. 

Now on to the other side of the family time . . . 

Despite the cold weather we went in the hot tub.  Toques really help with a cold head!  The kids loved the hot tub, although Zeke shook for about a half an hour each night after he got out.
We had wonderful helpers who got up with our children super early.  Ty slept across from Auntie Shareen and she graciously got up VERY early with him. Thanks Auntie Freen!

Fraser and Ty really got along well this trip.  It is fun to witness cousins at play.  Between the pool table, cars and blocks, Nana and Papa's house is well equipped.
Marc helped push out several stuck cars:

Playing playdough with Nana:
Not sure what I'm thinking here:  "Uhhh, this food looks really good!"
One morning we had a lovely cream cheese, raspberry coffee cake and gifts to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

Thanks everyone for the great trip!!  Now back home to celebrate Christmas.  We put the tree up tonight and right before we left,  after much begging, Ty helped Marc put up the Christmas lights.  ;)

Onward to Christmas . . .