Epic Post

Having 3 children has really cramped my blogging style. That and facebook. Oh busyness and instant communication, you have made this ol'blog of ours fall by the wayside. But for all of our faithful readers (Hi moms and dads!) we shall still put up ALL THE PICTURES from January to April. It was a hard job trimming them down to 59 but here they are in all their glory:

Zeke loves to dress up.  He loves to wear hats and scarves and put on backpacks.  Here he is in his toque from auntie Carlynne and Uncle Dan and Fin and his shark backpack.  In the second picture he is wearing Marc's sarong from Zanzibar with my old wallet tucked into it, a superhero cape made by Auntie Julie and his dinosaur tail made by Auntie Shareen.  (All Marc's sisters are included in his attire I just realized.  Cute!)

He stole this toque from the floor of our friends house while watching March Madness.

Ty getting in on the hat action.  This is "I'm cool" face.  You can see Zekey stealing my hat in the background while I giggle at Ty's smirk. 

The boys have been getting along very well lately, aside from normal sibling fighting (which in my opinion happens way too often, why can't we all just get along without laying on top of eachother, is that too much to ask?!?!) 

Entertaining Levi
Ty got this robot for Christmas and recently (if we can call January recent!?!) he figured out that he can control it with the iPad.  Super fun!

Lunch with cousins:

As this is a post of such epic proportions and I am putting in photographs from the last 4 months it really made me realize how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place where we can spend so much time outside in the winter months.  (The house next door to us is for sale, for anyone interested) ;)

A fun kayak date

Levi enjoying getting to know some of our friends.  
This winter we really buckled down and tried hard to enjoy crepes a couple of nights a week.  It was difficult but we have endured.  Tonight we have moved on to berry crisp.

Brothers relaxing: 

Brothers Reading the paper:

Brothers drinking smoothies:

Ty has started Tae Kwon do and loves it. Striking a pose. 

Grandma and Nana and Papa recently came for a visit.  The weather was quite nice for most of Nana and Papa's first visit (on their way to Vietnam) but not so much on their second.  Grandma had mostly nice weather. :)

Cultus Lake with Nana and Papa

This picture of Zeke makes me laugh, (He looks very resigned.  Not sure what to, but resigned nonetheless.  Maybe wearing his hat, maybe to having Ty splash him)

I made way too much cake for Ty's party (still another post to come) and thought the left over slab looked like a large wheel of cheese so Marc and I iced it and put some chocolate almonds in.  Voila . . . Gouda with Cumin.

Grandma took this lovely picture of the boys.  Smiling and genuine.  Love it.  

Levi is super happy as usual.  And growing lots.  He recently pulled himself up onto our bed and was so happy with himself.  He is crawling like a swimmer doing the butterfly and is happy as a clam crawling around playing with his brothers toys. I barely notice he's there. ;)

The boys and Marc put the garden in last week. Bring on spring!!!