April Shower!

As mentioned in my previous post, I had a shower when Shareen and Marc's parents were here. I had written that then Marc started making fun of me - saying it sounded like I had not bathed since Ty was born. Don't worry I definitely have and also had a baby shower too!

Here are the lovely shower hosts, Ang and Melissa.

We played lots of fun games including taste the baby food (Gross!) and diaper the inanimate while blindfolded. Shareen chose the monkey for our team so we came in last. Thankfully our children don't have tails, it sure gets in the way of the diaper!

We also played nursery rhyme charades. Who knew that Rub a dub three men in a tub ended with . . .

And how do you think they got there?

The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker,
They all jumped out of a rotten potato,

'Twas enough to make a man stare.

Thankfully everyone got it with just the first three lines. mmmm Nummy food

When we asked Bette what her favourite part of the weekend was, she said aside from meeting Ty it was meeting all our friends and putting names to faces. We have made a lovely group of friends here and I am especially grateful for all the girlfriends I have made and all the maternal advice they can give me!

My friend Launa had a baby 10 days after us, here is the first of many pictures of Ty and Quinton.

Ty is already working on his silly picture faces.

Thanks everyone for a lovely shower and all the wonderful gifts! We appreciate them so much. What great friends we have!!


Plethora of Pictures of the Proud (Grand)Parents

My dad will be proud of my alliterative title! Speaking of my dad we just had a short but sweet visit with him before having a lovely visit with Marc's parents. Both Marc and I have loved having visitors, it is so nice to have people to help with and hold Ty and visit with. Julie and Lowell come next and we are super excited to have them!

My dad arrived last Monday morning and was delighted to meet Ty. Ty was also happy to meet him! He arrived with lots of books and sleepers for him too. Typical grandparent. ;)
We went for some nice walks - the forecast was for rain but it always cooperated in the afternoon for us to get out and enjoy the outdoors.
Marc was trying to pose like the trees. I look like I am waving but was also trying to pose. Ty is falling over. :)
Niko still got some time with Grandpa Greg!

Like mother, like son:
Tyrn watching his first NCAA final with Grandpa. Hopefully the first of many! They probably won't all be as exciting as this years!
My dad got this great shot of Ty right before he left.

My dad's flight arrived in Calgary and Marc's parents hopped on the same plane to head right back to Abbotsford.

We had a busy few days with Marc's parents and Shareen even joined us for the weekend. Nana and Grandpa G brought a suitcase full of Marc's old clothes as well as some photo albums.

This bonnet was knitted for Marc by his Grandma G when he was born.
Apparently he loves it!

Napping with the grandparents
Cuddling with Auntie Shareen

We had some nice visits with Marc's Aunt Helen, Uncle Gil and cousin Marcy as well as with Bette's (second?) cousin Gerry.

Enjoying a lovely lunch at Appeldoorns in downtown Chilliwack
Out for dinner at Earl's (On a side note, Earl's has changed their menu in the last couple of years and it is oh so tasty!!)
Niko and his new cousin Maggie right before Shareen headed back home.

Here is Ty in his new raincoat from my friend Nolene. I also had a shower this weekend but that is a post in itself!
Goodbye Nana and Grandpa! See you soon!

On a totally unrelated note to all the relatives in the above pictures, we ordered a decal online for Tyrn's wall. We were initially going to go with a jungle theme for his room but while browsing online we found this amazing decal that we felt suited his birth day. Marc took this picture on the day Ty was born, noting how he will always remember looking out the window and seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms and associating them with this special day! We absolutely LOVE how it turned out and are continually going into Ty's room and just staring at the wall.

Marc stayed up late on Thursday starting and finished yesterday afternoon while I was out for coffee with a friend. Here is the wall from start to finish:

The end result. WOW!!
(In this picture there is something made by Bette, something made by Shareen, something made by Nolene and something made by us... any guesses?)


welcome maggie

my sister shareen hopped the ferry for the weekend and brought her new puppy maggie along.

for the first 2 days maggie followed niko everywhere, nipping at his heels and making him act like a puppy again.

they spent hours wrestling and playing around the house. maggie has a lot more energy than niko and eventually reached his level of tolerance and zoomed right past it. niko delivered a correction that no one quite saw and hurt maggie's feelings.
maggie is a smart dog. they are still friends, but she quickly learned her limits.
on our next walk, she still followed niko everywhere and nipped at him. but now she gives him space in the house.

they look good together.

welcome to the world of dog ownership shareen and craig. it's a lot of fun.

oh yeah, i almost forgot. shareen took this picture of tyrn and his friend quinton: