more pictures of tyrn

in trying to come up with a reason for this post beyond publishing more pictures of tyrn i realized:
1. we haven't done much in the past week
2. our readers just want to see pictures of ty

tyrn is already almost 3 weeks old. all of us are doing well. the days blur together into feeding, sleeping and going for hikes and have been marked mainly by the comings and goings of our guests.

kylie's mom cherri came out for a week and was able to get in lots of cuddle time. it was nice to have another set of hands to soothe and to change diapers.

ty has been extremely good to us. notwithstanding the odd spontaneous crying fit, he has been a happy kid who already consistently sleeps 4 hours at a time during the night.

niko is still getting his daily walks or bike rides, and thus seems okay with the whole family thing. many people told us that after we had a kid our dog would be demoted to "just a dog". hasn't happened yet!

last week we ventured up elk mountain with our friend jeremy and 5 of his 6 boys. having put 6 boys through our stage, his wife loreal has kindly supplied the majority of tyrn's wardrobe.

the cherry blossoms are now officially and entirely gone from our trees. spring has sprung.

now grandpa is here for 3 days. after that it's time for my mom and dad to arrive.
hi grandpa!


Anonymous said...

Oh, love those pictures! So nice to see Ty bonding with Grandma and Grandpa! Nice hike pictures too. Hmmmm--6 boys! feedings every four hours don't sound that bad after all :) See you soon!
Love Nana

shareen said...

I love his expressions already! Nice bathroom, by the way. Can't wait to see it all finished in person. Say hi to Greg for us...and of course Ty.

emsmom said...

He is so cute! Love all his expressions.

And, there is nothing wrong with posting nothing but pictures of your kids!

Congrats on such a beautiful, healthy baby boy!
Devon and Stephanie

Bloggy Mama said...

So totally precious. Good job, guys!

Katherine said...

its true, we only care about pictures of Ty now. I especially like the photo of Marc holding him while he's crying. I also like that his pants are hiked up to his armpits. Babies can pull off all sorts of fashion stunts and still look adorable.

Anonymous said...

Rawr! (My reply to the first picture.) So glad he is sleeping so well for you.

Carlynne said...

Fun times with grandparents!
I love more pictures of Ty! I hope he is still this cute by the time I get to see him. Just kidding of course. I will still love him anyway. That is an aunts job!
I also really enjoy cute pictures of Niko and Kylie so keep those coming. The odd goofy one of Marc is acceptable too:)

Carlynne said...

Ps. Is nana my mom?