welcome maggie

my sister shareen hopped the ferry for the weekend and brought her new puppy maggie along.

for the first 2 days maggie followed niko everywhere, nipping at his heels and making him act like a puppy again.

they spent hours wrestling and playing around the house. maggie has a lot more energy than niko and eventually reached his level of tolerance and zoomed right past it. niko delivered a correction that no one quite saw and hurt maggie's feelings.
maggie is a smart dog. they are still friends, but she quickly learned her limits.
on our next walk, she still followed niko everywhere and nipped at him. but now she gives him space in the house.

they look good together.

welcome to the world of dog ownership shareen and craig. it's a lot of fun.

oh yeah, i almost forgot. shareen took this picture of tyrn and his friend quinton:


Lowell & Julie said...

Aw, I have yet to meet TWO of Mom & Dad's three grandkiddies: Ty & Maggie! Maggie looks so cute with Niko. It's funny reading about Niko being the calm, tolerant adult b/c I remember very clearly when Niko was the playful pup and TESSIE was the calm, tolerant adult. SO FUN!!

Carlynne said...

Aw. Puppies and babies. You couldn't lose with that post. I love it!

Katherine said...

too true Carlynne. I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Also, Kylie, you look awesome. You do not look like you just had a kid a few weeks ago.

shareen said...

ooooh, Maggie and Niko...you shall be together again! And THIS time, Maggie will be bigger and know the rules...I hope.


P.S. Ty is cute. So is Quinton. They are JUST BORN.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic adventure... babies and pups! Tyrn is such a cool name!It suits you all! Congratulations and welcome Ty! You are truly blessed to be in this family!
Ps. Way to go Niko, that chair needed a remodel. I havn't seen one like that for ages!!!
Love and Prayers,