Summer in a Nutshell

We have had a fairly low key summer travel wise since returning from Lethbridge but we have managed to go camping twice, as well as do lots of outdoor stuff around here.  We just got back from Bear Creek, our favourite camping spot.  We went for four nights and after the first night we snagged our favourite site.  

The weather was nice the first day and then mainly cloudy (with a little rain but thankfully not too much).  It was quite warm so the boys could still play in the water.  

 It is fun to watch Ty's progress from year to year as he learns to climb this tree.  Last year he would stand on it if I went up with him but did not want to climb it himself.  This year he climbed up and down the whole thing alone.  Big boy!  Zeke is very good at following his big brother and is already much better at climbing than his mother would like him to be.

 Last year Ty did not want to go kayaking at all and much preferred to swim or throw rocks but this year he was super excited to go in the boat with Marc or I.  Had some fun talks while out on the water.

Apparently the joy of making faces on windows is genetic.  Ty likes to do it as well but Zeke gleans a certain joy from it that only I can understand. ;) There are many a picture of me floating around making very similar faces to this one. Although I do a better pig nose than Zeke.  (He is still young, he has a few more years to perfect it)

Our friends Brad and Launa and their two boys came out to visit for the day.  The boys had a great time together!

What does one do in the rain? Put goofy face stickers on everyone.  Zeke had face stickers everywhere and he still has some of the remnants on.  And yes drink beer.  When trapped under a tiny tarp with three boys and face stickers one also needs a beer. ;)

Having three kids is definitely busier than two (Duh!) ;) but the boys have helped make it a fairly easy transition by being excellent big brothers to Levi  That definitely doesn't mean they don't fight with each other but they are quite lovely to their baby brother.

This is a spot along the Vedder River where we usually go for a bit of a hike to throw rocks in a "pond" but lately the beavers have dammed in and changed the landscape slightly, making the paths all full of flowing water.  Chilliwack's natural splash park if you will.  The boys love it!

Right after we returned from Lethbridge we headed up to Cultus for three nights to camp.  The boys did great and the weather was HOT!  We had a double site for two nights and Ty loved playing in the fire pit of the second site.  At first I was reluctant to let him play in the ash/dirt but he was already extremely dirty by that point and it occupied him for a LONG time.

The morning of our 13th anniversary.  Sadly there are not pictures of us together. :(
Anniversary dinner with friends.  (Don't worry we did go out later in this week for dinner just the two of us and said friends above looked after Levi for us.  Thanks Paulina and Jamison!!)
Ty's face in this second picture makes me laugh.  

The rest of our summer has been spent at home, doing outdoor excursions.  Like going to the park across the street and Zeke climbing much too high for mommy's liking:

Our garden went absolutely crazy while we were in Lethbridge and we haven't quite rectified the situation. Still lots of vegetables!!!
Speaking of growing like a weed (or a garden) Levi is getting really big! He is definitely the biggest of our 3 boys and is starting to smile and react to us.  Both Ty and Zeke love this.

Sneezy boy!

Other summer pics.
Double fisting the homemade popsicles:

The boys have been very into "123" kisses since coming home from Nana and Papa's. Especially Zeke.  Every night before bed he asks for a "123" kiss from whoever is available.  Whether it be Ty and I or Marc and I.  He is also very interested in giving them to Levi.  So cute.
Playing on the deck on a hot day:

We have had lots of friends visiting or over for dinner.  Here's an after dinner dance party.

Party in the Park.  Downtown Chilliwack.  Dancing it up.

Ty waiting on the step with his booster seat and a bag of money to go to the movies with his friend James.  He looked so old!  I may or may not have shed a tear or two here thinking of my big boy off at the movies by himself.

Levi cheering for Holland in the World Cup.  Holland Hup!!

I haven't had time to do laundry ;-)but I have had time to make several peach and blueberry pies.  Mmmm

Speaking of mmmm, (namely the first picture) here are a few extra pictures of our Lethbridge trip that got missed in our last post:
Julie and Lowell took some newborn pictures of Levi for us.  So cute!
Newborn picture outtakes:  Hee hee

In order to get all those cute newborn photos you see, photographers blow hot air on the babies to keep them sleepy and warm.  Who knew!! The secrets of the trade here folks.

 My mom and Ty and Levi and I headed out to a party in the park one afternoon at Kinsmen fun.  Great fun and free food!

This was not free.  A candy apple as big as his head.  Enjoyed while watching a puppet show. 

 Levi and mama in green stripes

 A very reluctant flapper girl

Our last night in Lethbridge, spent on Nana and Papa's deck eating cupcakes.  Great end to a wonderful trip!

And I will leave you with this pic of Levi, showing off his face making skills.  He's gettin' good . . .