summer has been a blur of activity and we're falling way behind on our blog.  better to be out doing than home typing about it i guess.  after we arrived safely home from lethbridge, but before my parents came out for a visit, mike and i clambered to the top of knight, a peak in the central cheam range, accessible from the airplane creek valley.
 this area is one of my favourite places in the world.  it is right in our backyard, but not many people come out here b/c the access trail is punishingly steep and overgrown.  mike ate it up.
 and then was ready for more.  after a 2.5 hr approach we popped into the alpine and soon our objective was in sight.
we stuck to the flank of baby munday to attain the base of the peak.  on the way up the ridge we had amazing views of lady and cheam, as well as jones lake in the opposite direction.

 there was a nice little double peak on top and the weather was perfect for an extended snack time.
 i think it is apparent why this is one of my favourite places to be.  the surroundings are so big and magic and we always have the entire alpine to ourselves.  we chose a different route off the peak that involved downclimbing a few small cliff bands and exiting much lower in the valley.
 i brought my ice axe to do some glissading, but the sheer icefields that i had sped down in previous seasons were now steep scree slopes with scary endings.
when we reached the subalpine meadows, mike and i stopped for a last prolonged break above the trees before diving down the steep trail back to the waiting truck.  by the time we stumbled onto the road we were surprised we had only travelled 13km.  the elevation gain, bushwacking, rockhopping, scrambling and downclimbing all took their toll i suppose.  it was worth it!


Lethbridge Part III

We are falling a bit behind on this little bloggio of ours.  Too much to do!!  Too many people to see!  Too many places to go!  Not bad problems to have.  We finished our week off in Lethbridge by staying at Marc's parents.  We had a lovely time (of course!) and were very busy with family visits.

All four G grandsons.  (Missing only grandaughter Finola)

 Ty and Zeke spent a lot of time with both grandparents and sets of cousins on this trip. 

We met our new (well not so new anymore!) super cute nephew Stefan. 


Ty and Fraser had a great time playing together. (Finally!!) ;) These boys will have many years of hugs and spraying eachother with the sprinkler.

 Zeke in his new towel from Nana and Papa.

Ty in his new towel as well.  He fell asleep while standing up to go to bed promptly after this picture was taken.  First time ever!
Some of these pictures are from Ty and Zeke's alone time with Nana and Papa while we were in Canmore.  Here Ty is telling Nana that Papa "deaded two wasps".  Every since he has been very happy to show us his ability to make 2, 3, 4 an 5 with his fingers.  He is constantly showing me that he is 3 years old.  And then telling me that when he is 4 he will have a dragon cake. Mommy will have to put her cake making skillz to the test.

Papa took Ty to his first demolition derby.  Ty also speaks of this quite often.  "Mommy, it is only okay for cars to crash at the demmowition dewrby!"  Yes Ty, very true!!

This kid likes to climb into things.  He is already much more adventurous than Ty.  He has already climbed over the baby gate (which Ty never did) and is constantly trying to climb out of his high chair. 

One day while we were gone, Aunt Elvina came over for a visit.  Because she reads our blog she brought timbits (Hi Aunt Elvina!) and Ty was so happy. 

Aunt Elvina and the sweetpeas Ty picked for her. :)

Julie and Lowell took the present siblings (we missed you Carlynne, Dan and Craig!) out for dinner at the new local taphouse to celebrate Marc's birthday.  Nana and Papa took all four boys!!! We came home to a visit at the neighours where all 4 boys were being happily entertained. 

We had some fun outings around the south side.  A trip to Spudnuts with Chris, Katherine William, Allistair and Aaron:

Fun at Allan Watson Park:

Ty went with Nana and Daddy to visit with Mrs. Meuller for her 100th birthday.  Hopefully his first of many visits!

We had a W/G family BBQ on one of our last nights in town.  What fun!

Brad climbed up the tree in the back to take a look at this beautiful bird house.
What a wonderful summer we have enjoyed!!  (And it's not over yet!!  At least not in the blog world.) ;)