Christmas in February

This post has been sitting here for two weeks because I have not put the pictures in order, and today I decided instead of putting the pictures in order we will do a Christmas Random post, since it already is Christmas in February . . . We headed to Lethbridge for the holidays this year and although we all traded illnesses back and forth, we still had a great time.

The day we arrived my mom had box seats for Cirque du Soliel.
Cousin Fin and Zeke
When we first arrived we stayed at Nana and Papa's.  The boys were so excited to see snow after all our rain.

Making gingerbread houses 

Ty got quite into it and made a house with a whole story about Harry the vampire bat that flew around stealing everyone's presents.  Zeke just consumed A LOT of candy.

Speaking of . . . Present time!  Ty received this car track that he LOVES!!

Matching cousins

Hot tub time 

Levi hanging out with Maria and Ty.

On Christmas Day we embarked on the Globe and Mail crossword puzzle with my family.  After multiple visits and discussions (but no google!) we finished the majority of the clues.  Mainly thanks to Brad, Greg and Marc.
The 4 Wolcott grandchildren

Baking with Grandma

Cute Christmas Day baby

My mom (mistakenly?!?) showed Zeke how to blow the snow to make a snowstorm on her santa village.  That was all he wanted to do to it afterwards.

The boys had a nice visits with Auntie Janice, as did we  . . .

Nana giving her trip-annual haircut.

Zeke loves to put hats on his head.  Here he is with a tea cozy on his head. Hee hee

Dinner at Nana and Papa's:

Carolling on Christmas Eve at Elizabeth's 

Having fun with family:

Here Ty is welcoming Fin to Nana and Papa's just after she arrived:

Having fun at Grandpas:

 Happy New Year!!
 Zeke at Big Fraser's with all the "stuffed" animals.

This is a very sad last picture to end on but as mentioned at the beginning of this post all our children got sick on this trip and they all looked like this.  This is Zeke the day after we arrived home but Ty and Levi had the eyes swollen shut look as well.  Poor kids!  A vacation for the memory books!! :)