Up till Christmas . . .

Zeke got his first salon hair cut and was so excited to eat a ring pop while Paulina chopped his lovely locks.

I meant to add this picture to the above post.  These were the final product of the monster cupcakes that Ty and I made for Halloween.

The sun on Mount Cheam from our window seat:
Levi received his stocking knit by Grauntie Tammy in the mail.  He was so happy! (As you can see Grauntie Tammy he is fully aware of all the hours and love that went into knitting his stocking) ;)

Zeke on the trampoline.  Love the hair!

November was a very difficult month for our family, especially Shareen and Craig.  Our sweet, lovely niece Colbie Marie Rose (born October 27) passed away after a cardiac arrest.  We came home for her funeral and while it was extremely sad and difficult it was nice to all be together.  

Beautiful little Colbie wearing a toque knit for her by Shareen.

The cousins had a good time being together.  Fraser and Ty reading together at Nana and Papa's.  
 We stayed with Brad and Raquel.  Raquel graciously helped out with childcare so Marc and I could be with family.
 Playing pool balls with Coco Craig.  This summer Shareen thought it would be funny for Zeke to call Craig Coco.  This has totally stuck and has morphed from Uncle Coco into Coco Craig. The other day he even asked for Coco Shareen.    Zeke LOVES Coco Craig.  He constantly asks for him and as soon as you mention going to Nana and Papa's he says, "Zeke play pool balls Coco Craig!!"

Ty fell asleep with a head lamp on his head.

Niko in his element
Zeke loves to sit on the table and say "hi baby yaya".  Hi baby yaya usually starts out very nice and sweet but soon escalates to some unnecessary bouncing and face butts kisses.
Winter kayaking.  Good thing he got waterproof kayak shoes for Christmas.

This is our first winter with our hot tub and we love it.  So nice to go in with all the boys. Ty loves bringing his dinosaurs in to play with.  (and no that is not a small kitten in his hand, just a triceratops, we try our best to keep real animals out of the hot tub) ;)

Zeke at the dentist

It is my tradition to decorate for Christmas while watching Elf, this year the boys were definitely into it and I enjoyed putting the ornaments out with them.

Marc got the preschool time mixed up and Ty sat out here very patiently for almost an hour in the cold waiting for his friend pick him up. ;)

I made these turtles for Christmas baking, and while they don't look too appetizing sitting on the freezer on our garage, the amount of time it took for us to decimate them ensures me that they were delicious.
My birthday.  I celebrated by letting the boys have hot dogs and fudgicles for lunch.
Birthday cupcakes:  The boys were certainly excited to help me blow out my candles.
Dinner out with Marc

We headed to Lethbridge for Christmas but the night before we made gingerbread houses with our dear friends the VK's.  As pictured, a fun time was had by all!