Our family has recently returned from a lovely month and a bit in Lethbridge. We spent the first 4 weeks of Levi's life in our hometown and a wonderful time was had by all. I highly recommend the route of staying with family after giving birth. Lots of extra helps, tasty meals made and love for the other kids from grandparents!!

We stayed with my mom for the first part of our time there.  We were busy with wedding stuff that week so my mom was a HUGE help with the older two.

Levi had a very busy first week of life, visiting relatives, going to BBQ's, attending weddings, going to cabins.  No biggie.

Julie had said that if we had our baby in Lethbridge she would make cake pops to celebrate the occasion.  I did not hold up my end of the bargain so I thought that cake pops were not in the cards.  Oh but they were!!  And very creative cake pops at that:

Zeke LOVED "poppocs" as he called them and spent a lot of time for the first few days of his Lethbridge vacation whining for "poppocs."  He also spent two days with that sticker stuck to his head.
The cake pops were such a hit that Julie brought the decorating supplies over and made some cake pop faces.  Maybe more age appropriate for the children. ;)

Levi spent quite a few evenings watching the CBC short version of the World Cup Games.  A 90 minute game condensed into 10 minutes with all the highlights covered.  Best way to watch football!!

Levi's first bath. I will not mention how old he is at this point.  Poor third child. ;)  Don't worry... he is now eight weeks old and has had his second bath.

Planting the garden with Nana.  Ty checked for ripe strawberries everyday.
One night Marc and Shareen headed out to an Alberta Health Services banquet to honour Pete for 35 years of service.
Marc spent his birthday in Lethbridge and had a very busy, fun day.  The night before his birthday Julie and Lowell came over with ice cream cake.  Mmmmm

The morning of Marc's birthday, Ty helped Nana make Marc's favourite Raspberry Cream cheese coffee cake.
Giving Daddy birthday morning hugs.
Visit with Brad and Raquel, Maria, my Mom and Ken and Mary:
Colin came for lunch.  
Later that night, Marc and I went for dinner on the Firestone Patio while Nana and Papa took all the kids to the park.

A couple of days later we spent a hot Canada day outside.  Papa started the day by building a sandbox for the grandkids in the background.  Note Auntie Cheryl getting a haircut in the background.  Productive day!
Ty got in on the action.
And so did Zeke.

That afternoon we went to Henderson Lake and yummy lunch (pulled pork, lemonade and Hawaiian donuts)

And dancing.  Lots of dancing.

Later that evening . . .

We spent a lot of time visiting not only with family with also friends.  Thankfully we have Bette to document our visits as we are not so good at taking visiting pictures.
Levi meeting Aunt Elvina.

Playing with cousin Olivia:
Lunch with Gerald and Rheana

Playing at the farm.  
Cousins having a tea party in the play house.  

Cousins on the swing
The boys enjoyed a popsicle on the deck while Nana gave Ty a much needed haircut.
I didn't think Zeke needed a cut but Nana just cleaned him up and doing so gave him his uber cute curl.
While in Lethbridge, Nana and Papa's neighbours decided to take down their tree in their front yard as well as the hedge in between their houses.  It was quite the lengthy process and Ty and Zeke enjoyed sitting on the deck watching.

Wearing their shades to keep the sawdust out. 

We went to the Farmer's Market a couple of Saturdays and got this great bread made by the Hutterites and made awesome BLTs with it.  This great dinner was also enjoyed by my dad but sadly we did not take his picture. But we did take a picture of the tasty bread.  Mmmm I am wishing for a sandwich right now.  

Biking in the coulees
We went to the Pass one Saturday to visit our family friends.  Zeke gave Grandma a ride.

These two were great Levi sitters!!!  He slept the whole time they held him.

We had some crazy hail one afternoon.  The boys loved playing with it after.
Reading with Papa:
Uncle Brad snuggles

Hanging out at Grandmas:  
Dancing with Grandma:

Zeke rockin' the sweat band:

Levi.  Perfecting his Zoolander in his cousin Fraser's zebra outfit  I like #2.  

#1                                                                             OR                                                        #2

We had a lovely time in Lethbridge and are now happy to be home enjoying Chilliwack, our house, deck and our motorhome as a family of 5. 

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Anonymous said...

What a terrific trip I have had following you! It was really fun visiting with you and the kids. Olivia loved having company, too. Love from Auntie Cheryl