The past two weeks have been friend busy, Christmas busy and chocolate filled. This year we were in Chilliwack for Christmas and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This was the first Christmas that Ty was really aware of what was going on and he was certainly a lot of fun.

On my birthday Ty and Marc surprised me with a rainbow cake that Ty had made for me and flowers and a Christmas wreath that he had bought with Daddy.  He was so excited to show me them.

I had been in the store where Marc and Ty purchased this wreath a couple days earlier and had noticed it.  Ty also noticed it and brought it to Marc to get for me.  Good taste Ty!

Birthday sunset walk

The next day I baked a chocolate cake for dinner and then handed the spoon to Zeke to lick.  I left the room for a minute and came back to this.  I think this was partially Zeke's doing and partially Ty's doing.

Visiting with the VK kids (3 of them back from school)

Zeke showing off for everyone 

Building a snow dragon.  Ty has been waiting for the day when he could build something in the snow for a long time.  He was upset that the snow in Lethbridge was not good snowball snow.  Chilliwack snow is always good snowball snow ;) (heavy and wet!)

The Christmas crazies.  Chasing each other around the island.  

 Gingerbread house making.  Marc and I made a windmill.  Ty was excited that it had magically appeared one night after he went to bed.  
The gingerbread house crew:

Christmas Eve walk

On Christmas Eve night we headed to Marc's second cousins, then to church for Christmas dinner and home to open two presents - matching pyjamas and one small toy.  Here is Ty showing off his pajamas and excitedly telling Zekey that he got Angry Birds balls.

Family pic:

Christmas morning.  Chocolate for breakfast.  mmmmmmmm

Playing in their matching pyjamas.

Giving Daddy off to work hugs:

Afterwards the boys and I headed to some friends for dinner.  A lovely, relaxing day.

And lastly I will leave you with our Christmas baking plates.  Some baked by yours truly and some by friends.  Delightful!   (This may have appealed to you before Christmas but now many of you are probably all cookied out) ;)

Merry Christmas to all!

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