2014 early report

2014 has been good to us so far.  we have had a lot of rain but some sunny days as well.  it has been mild here compared to the rest of north america, 5-8 degrees every day.  still strange to go for a walk in the forest in a light jacket while the continent experiences record cold temperatures.
here is ty hypothesizing as to why the squirrel is not coming out to see him.  maybe he's asleep?  maybe out for a walk?
ty and zeke have been playing well together.  kylie had despaired of them being playmates when suddenly it just happened.  not to say zeke doesn't still get knocked around a little, but so far he's rolling with it.

we spent new years at our friends bryan and mary's house.  sadly this is the only picture we took.  happily it documents approximately one quarter of the available food.  brie fondue, chips, quiche, fruit and every type of cookie and chocolate you could want, plus plates of fried things... mmmm...
speaking of chocolate, kylie got me a nice brick of tasty dark chocolate for christmas and we're slowly working through it.  coconut ash and banana is not your typical flavour of chocolate, but it is my new favourite.

it's wonderful to look outside as the seasons change.  occasionally ty claims this spot as his play sanctuary and i can't bear to move all his meticulously placed cars for so bourgeois an activity as reading a book or gazing out across the valley.

this saturday, in addition to driving the cart at home depot, ty got pulled into their kids club, using a hammer and nails to make a sandbox out of a little kit.  the finished product was a 3d tictactoe game, but we were on a different wavelength.  he was thrilled and legitimately learned a bit about hammering real nails.  thanks home depot!
kylie has been taking the boys to a local cafe for a doughnut +/- hot chocolate on occasion.  they have proved able to sit in a chair for prolonged periods when primed with sugar.  like his dad with chocolate or his mom with veronica mars.

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