november has been a fun month.  we didn't have the gorgeous sunshine of october, but our family still had a lot of fun and we hosted a few visitors.
kylie's cousin erin come out for the day while playing at a vancouver squash tournament.
ty hosted his buddy quinton a few times.
ty showed quinton his favourite spots on the river.
crashing through the eroded crusty bits is as fun for me as it is for the boys.

speaking of crusty bits, i went for a kayak near the same beach a few days ago and the area between the launch and the open river was frozen over.  my kayak has an excellent polycarbonate icebreaking hull.
here's that same frozen over section from another angle, with the open water beckoning.
we've spent a lot of time out here lately.  there are endless entertainments.
including the company.
one day was particularly slick and muddy.  it was a bit chilly as well, but that didn't stop ty from throwing ice chunks and loving it.
oh, and throwing sand chunks and loving it.  the sand ninja in his element.  evildoers wearing clean white shirts beware!
soon after this picture ty stated "i want to come here every day."  not sure if he meant the river, or outside, or that particular patch of sand.  i think he meant this particular set of beaches on the fraser.  which is good, b/c lately we have gone there almost every day.

similar sentiments are raised in myself when biking at ledge view.  the trail system here is amazing and the terrain is varied.  the cultus side of vedder mtn offers fire road up, bombing downhill down.  the duck farm loop (newly renovated) is much more all mountain, but ledge view is up, then down, then more up, then more down, then waaaay up, then up some more, then down, then down and then up again... you get the idea.  cross country riding, but with some serious technical descents and drops and ladder bridges.  what the kids are calling "all mountain riding".
oh, and also its stunningly beautiful.  the trail winds past cliffs and into shallow caves and along steep rock faces.  a bit of exposure here and there but nothing too scary.

my good friend levi filmed a minidoc on this side of the mountain called "a means to an end".  very well done, an interesting story, beautiful shots and a nice overview of our playground.  thanks levi.

A Means to an End from Leftcoast Visuals on Vimeo.

in other news, zeke is now old enough to join ty and i on our breakfast burger/canadian tire/beer runs at triple o's.  mmm... best breakfast burgers around.  clearly zeke agrees.

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