ty's first mtn

on remembrance day a few families got together to climb elk mtn.  the day was clear and the breeze was cool.  which was nice, b/c its a steep hike.  esp with a kid on your shoulders.
ty made it most of the way up the mtn on his own, taking a few breaks near the top.  reaching the snow line invigorated all the kids.
check out the snowball about to reach my face.

the final ascent to the viewpoint got a bit slippery, but ty employed his stomping tractor tread footsteps and got up no problem.  we also encountered spider boy and his mom.

ty and madeline built a snowman.  ty ate a ham sandwich.  no wind.  a great first peak experience.
and a fun run back down the mtn to the truck with the whole crew.  everyone did really well.  kids and adults were all tired at some point, but ended up having energy to spare.  ty's synopsis: "it's fun to climb a mountain, but its rinny rinny hard!"  you did well for a 3 year old ty.

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