outdoors bonus pt II

we managed to squeez one more alpine ride out of our gorgeous weather.  it was only a few days after our hike up cheam, where i had witnessed bare alpine trails.  we knew it had snowed since then, but hoped not much.
the first half of the climb was buff single track on nice dirt.  then came a skiff of snow.  the trail stayed like this until we got into the subalpine.
when the trees thinned out, we got into anywhere from 20-40cm of snow.  a lot more than i'd hoped.  both beautiful and fun, but tiring.  

there were a few fantastic snowy downhills.  easy scenic trails made more intense by the added snow, while at the same time, consequences for falling were quite low.

i had hoped that at least half the alpine portion of the ride would be on open trail, but it was solid cover the entire way through.  there were three peaks to climb and descend along a ridge line.  to climb them we had to slog through drifts like this carrying our bikes through snow up to our knees.  it was awesome.

here we are resting at our high point.  where we can clearly see that we still have one more peak to climb.
now we have no more peaks to climb.  gorgeous.

downhill all the way.
the snow quickly receded as we lost altitude.  again a few inches of snow added an interesting twist to a fun but easy trail.
i don't have many pictures of myself biking.  this is a nice one.

soon the snow disappeared altogether and we were left with a smoking fast smooth downhill to the lake, then some fun dippy xc along the lakeshore and back to the car.  just under six hours.  every muscle burning.  beautiful blue sky.  amazing.

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