recent images

finding new spots on the fraser

ty with his buddy quinton

the record amount of niko hair pulled out in a single pinch (he is blowing his coat, it's not always like that)

little peter frampton


Anonymous said...

Aw, nice pictures to wake up to. I like the hat picture taken on the Fraser! It is fun to see Ty and Quinton playing together. Ty looks very intent on handling your guitar-cute. I remember Tessie's seasonal sheds too. Gobs of hair! Hard to believe, Ty is almost one!!! It will be a Happy Happy St. Patricks Day at your house!!

Shelley said...

i can't believe how fast Tyrn is growing! I also can't believe how much Niko sheds.
Hope you guys are swell :)

Anonymous said...

Tyler's old collie sheds like that too - have you ever tried vacuuming Niko? My mum-in-law swears by it for their dogs!