Things that have made me happy this week . . .

1. A surprise date with Marc for tea:

2. Ty: (Of course!)
3. A great visit with my Dad!

4. The view from Chilliwack Mountain:
5. Pictures of my niece Maria:
6. Ty laughing

7. An e-mail from our former tenant in Edmonton. We had major sewage issues when we first moved into our house in Edmonton, all of them in the basement where three very patient first year university students lived. These sewage issues involved sewage backed up into the bathtub and sewage all over their floor. I (and Bethany, Amy and Chandra)have fond memories of Marc hosing down their laundry in our backyard that had somehow become covered in poop. I also remember Bethany and I walking down the icy winter roads with a wet vac filled with sewage looking for an open sewer drain to dump it into. Bethany is now a mom and has her own tenants and sent us an e-mail this week saying they had poop problems in their basement in the first few days of having a tenant. Marc and I had a good laugh and reminisced about our Edmonton house and being first time land lords cleaning up poop and cigarettes in our basement. We feel for you Bethany and pass the methane fueled torch to you! Oh the memories.


Katherine said...

I second the desire to live closer to one another. I would love to hang out with you and Ty on a regular basis. It would be so fun. My heart just did a little twinge at the thought.

shareen said...

So cute! All of it...except the thought of poop in the laundry...that makes me gag a little. Excited to hear that little laugh in a few days!

Anonymous said...

The video was so cute! I love when you see Niko's head bobbing up and down cause he obviously wants to play and no one is throwing to him!