malak aleki maka*

Merry Christmas everyone!!! The G family of 3 celebrated our Christmas in Chilliwack this year by ourselves. We had a really nice week this week paired nicely with visiting and enjoying decorating our new house and eating the 3 C's. (I'm sure many of you are familiar with the 3 C's at Christmas- Chocolate, Christmas baking and Cheese!!!)
Lights at Minter Gardens
"Come on Santa, let's go for a ride!"

Marc and I and Ty went to church last night then came home, put Ty to bed and had fondue and opened presents. If you look closely you will see what was supposed to be brie fondue transformed into a brie pancake. ;)
Before Church we attempted to take the obligatory in front of the tree shot with the camera. It's a good thing we have many years to perfect these!

On Christmas Eve, UPS came through and delivered the stocking my Granny knit for Ty. Thanks Granny, we love it!! You can't see it in the picture but his name is knit in green on the top.

For Christmas this year, Ty gave me the gift of starting to make faces for the camera:

*This post was supposed to be the second post about Hawaii but I got carried away with Christmas pictures. We are enjoying being a family of three this Christmas and feel very blessed this year!

**I bought Marc a remote control helicopter for Christmas and didn't realize it came with missiles and he is currently shooting me with them. If this post seemed hurried and disjointed, blame him!


Anonymous said...

I bought Tyler a Nerf gun one year for Christmas thinking he would take it to work and shoot the guys there. No such luck. I was so jumpy for the next few weeks because he would jump out of nowhere and pelt me with it! Alisha

Mama Bear said...

i can't believe how BIG Tyrn is getting! looks like an awesome christmas!

shareen said...

That last picture of Tyrn made me laugh out loud. I SWEAR there's a picture of Marc just like that somewhere out there. Or maybe I can just picture it.