Zeke turns 2!!

The weather here is definitely starting to be spring and summerish in Chilliwack.  (Sorry Lethbridgians)  And we have definitely been spending more time outside.  

The moustache is no longer.  Marc still misses it.  I do not.  At all.  

 The above sun dog picture was taken with Marc's iPhone camera.  Cool!

 Reading emails from Nana and Papa about their cruise. The boys loved seeing pictures of the ship.

We celebrated Zeke's birthday and party in the last two weeks.  We kept his party really small and low key and had it at a park by our house on a beautiful day.  So nice!  I was going to do a 3D beach ball cake and take two half spheres and put them together but unfortunately (but actually fortunately!!) one of them collapsed when I was putting it on the wire rack.  I decided to make two cakes and just spread icing on one and threw some candy I had in the cupboard on top and then used fruit and cream cheese icing to make a beach ball cake for the adults.  

The final product.  So easy!  (Took me about 15 minutes.)  He was a huge fan! 
Ring pop party favours: 

This picture makes me laugh.  The ring pop Chilliwack gang.  The boys on the swings were super nice and there for the entire party.  They played with the kids and were happy to engage with them.  We gave them ring pops and pizza.  Ty and Quinton look a little too confident for four year olds for my liking in these pictures. ;)

The birthday boy attempting to steal a pink car at his party:

 The obligatory mom with cake(s) picture.  

Happy Birthday little Zekey!  We sure love you our little jumping, goofy, sweet, determined boy!! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday cute little Zeke!You and your big brother are adorable! (Just like your parents!!)Love, Janny Wisse.