Our family just returned from a lovely week in Whistler. We used some of Marc's parents time share points and were able to spend the week in a condo right in the village (no driving yay!).  We walked around a lot, played at the park, Ty and Zeke each learned to ride their new bikes and we ate A LOT of chocolate.  Marc got in some biking and skiing and I got in some sitting and reading at some coffee shops. ;)

The boys first beaver tails . . .

Crazy that Marc could bike AND ski on the same vacation.  

Text pictures from the top and the bottom of the hill.  I took the boys to the bike and skate park while Marc was skiing and they had a great time running over the jumps and watching the skateboarders.  I was having flash forwards of my future with my boys doing crazy jumps and stunt and had a few heart palpitations. 

Walking through the village with ice cream.  I think we did this 3 or 4 nights of our week there.  Lovely!  The boys liked to stop at the Olympic rings each time as well.  

The weather was lovely the whole time.  We ate breakfast and lunch at our condo (usually or from the amazing bakery Purebread right under our place.  The best baking we have ever had!  I'm sure they use all low fat ingredients.  We spent a lot of time there too!  Chocolate and baking.  What a holiday! In the evening we usually went out for dinner and because of the nice weather spent most dinners on patios.  Nice for the boys to be able to play after dinner.

There was an amazing little park right outside the doors to our place.  We spent hours every day there. Zeke LOVES to bike.  He was very insistent that he do everything himself.  He already likes hills.  Eeek!!

Just a few more weeks until we have a new addition to our family!!  Crazy.  Whistler was sure a nice break for all of us.

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