biking reunion

 a few weeks back my good friend and original mtn biking partner danny did a road trip to the west coast to bike in chilliwack and squamish.
 the first day out i took him to xcellerator in abbotsford.  a beautiful trail.  the second day we road squidline plus on sumas.
 the boys loved danny.  he is good with kids.  likely b/c he has 5 of his own.  danny has a unique wisdom and gives advice worth listening to.  i forgot how much i enjoy seeing how his mind works differently from my own.
 midweek we ventured to squamish to reunite with our mutual friend chris.  chris and his wife yael toured us on the local trails and hosted us luxuriantly at their beautiful home.
 the aptly named "marc my words" is my new favourite trail.
 the evening was anchored with a fire in chris' backyard.  good time to reconnect.
 and then the next day right back to biking.  squamish is gorgeous.
good times with good friends.  hopefully to be repeated soon!

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