lamenting leaving lamu

as i mentioned before, we loved lamu island. if we had more time we would go back there again for longer, but alas it is not to be. however, i can take solace in the fact that we still plan on a trip to zanzibar, which boasts the same swahili culture as lamu as well as the old stone houses and tiny streets (the capital is called stone town) as well as beautiful beaches. spending time on lamu has made us very excited about zanzibar. the above picture was taken on a dhow, the arab sailboat that has been circumnavigating africa for centuries.

this was our house on lamu... the whole building, for a third the price of a travel lodge room in canada.
this is a view from our roof. we also had some ocean views, but this is what i saw when i looked up from my favourite reading chair.
this is my favourite reading chair... custom made from our abundance of cushions.

here is our kitchen. after experimenting with the kikoi i eventually settled on a much shorter version, but this picture is more suited to our missionary status.

this is shella beach on lamu, complete with roaming camels. the next pics are all on manda island, a short dhow trip from lamu.

our house was one block from the market in the city square.

typical lamu streets near our house. i am not sure if vehicles are illegal on lamu or just completely useless. you still had to look both ways for donkeys though.

like this one, which had a crazy driver.

and finally, my new hat. you can never be too careful regarding sun protection eh dad? lamu we miss you!


Lowell & Julie said...

Yes Marc, I think that hat would make the parents proud. One can never be too careful!

Great pictures. I look forward to hearing more stories from Carlynne now that she's HOME!!

Anonymous said...

Nice place and great pictures!
Lovely streets, awesome beaches and the best sun hat I have ever seen. I'll you didn't buy it though!

Anonymous said...

Geez. I haven't commented in Aeons!!
I've been so busy with my new position. So much work to be done. I've been meaning to send a large email with great detail...alas.

Baffin Island during the summer was fantastic. I don' think I have even told you about it yet.

The plan is to be In France come Jan. 20 to meet Chandra where we'll spend 3.5+ weeks enjoying the NE of France and a quick zip to London. Where will you be at that time?

Thinking of you two often,