We've been busy, oh so busy!

Marc and I have kept up with the end of June tradition and remained quite busy this last week. Last week was Marc's 30th birthday and being that he was celebrating three decades of existence we celebrated over a period of three days.

The first day was spent heading to Vancouver and going to see Matt Good. After purchasing "Hospital Music" earlier in the week, we were a bit leery as the whole album was written in the psych ward and is quite melancholy. Matt did not disappoint though and pulled out all the stops and put on an excellent rock show!
At the Orpheum Theatre waiting for the performance to start.
The next day we had a lot of Chilliwack friends (and two Vancouver friends, as well as some Hope friends) out to Marc's birthday party. A great time was had by all and Marc even put on a dressy shirt.
The fire pit in the backyard.

A "Lethbridge reunion" in the living room.
Chris with a classic Kenyan beer that we found in CHILLIWACK!!

The mercury has been rising here lately and we tried to cool off by the river! This was the third day of Marc's three days of partying.
I made another trip to Vancouver to visit my friend Pam from Lethbridge. We walked across the Lynn Valley suspension bridge. I am not quite 30 yet (like my aging sugar daddy) but I do not like swingy apparati perched recklessly across gorges anymore.

Today we spent Canada Day with our friends Dan and Catherine. We met them in Kapsowar and then have come out to Chilliwack for their residency. We also spent Canada Day with them last year climbing the dreaded Kipkener! (Picture to come soon, I am being lazy and not wanting to head upstairs and set up our other computer. It is a national holiday you know. Work is usually discouraged on days of rest.)

Harrison Hot Springs was the hot, harried, happening spot for the holiday.


marcandorkylie said...

Katie, thanks for your comment! I do remember your comment from before. I will actually be in California tomorrow. But only on a three hour layover in San Francisco on my way to Idaho. I wish I had more time there because I love San Francisco. I would love it if you sent me some recipes. You can e-mail me at kylie.greidanusatgmail.com

tyrnandkelsey said...

Happy b-day Marc! Kylie you did a WAY better job with your "sugar daddy's" birthday than I did with mine! Thanks for having such a great blog, by the way!