with a precedent from julie

here is a massive photo spread of our time in lethbridge for christmas.

our initial time at home was spent with carlynne and dan and my parents. we had a great time making coffee and gingerbread houses.
dan's gingerbread house featured a bowling alley.kylie's featured an even lawn and giant snowflakes.
carlynne's featured intricate icing work and a pool.
mine featured giant snowflakes and the trouble associated with them.

we had family friends over for christmas dinner, singing and games.

despite having no clear grasp of the game's rules in pressure situations, kylie managed to win the final round.

half of the kids in our family were away this year, but we connected to them with skype. shareen and craig are sitting in the corner.

we also got to hang out with kylie's family and play at the park. this park was a bit crazy, veering away from the supersafety concious parks of recent years. this slide took skill and a willingness to take risks, and made me feel very manly.

the calgary relatives came down for grampa's 80th birthday.

kylie's dad's roof was blown off yesterday. i know the rest of the continent has been experiencing extreme weather, but this is pretty normal for lethbridge.
he has two floors above him, so our christmas dinner was unaffected.

or maybe we were mildly affected... the exposure turned brad into a werewolf.

i got in some snowshoeing with my dad in waterton.

we caught up with old friends at a ney-bourhood christmas party.

and this morning after many nice talks with the people who saw me grow up at maranatha CRC church, our friends danny and kendra and their kids came over for lunch.
ava and i got along very well.
their family fits right in with us. thanks everybody for a great christmas!!!!


Lowell & Julie said...

Wow- I think the family outdoes itself each year with those gingerbread houses!

Great post, Marc. We sure missed you guys at Christmas, but it looks like you had a ball of a time!

I love pictures:)

Mama Bear said...

Looked like fun! Happy new year!