Fairweather Bloggers

We have been fairweather bloggers as of late, I was thinking about why tonight and while I can come up with many reasons - busy moving, putting our house together and many guests and visitors, I think the main reason is that Ty is becoming SO MUCH fun!! Both Marc and I are enjoying him so much right now, he is crawling and laughing and clapping and waving and both Marc and I are completely enthralled with him!

My dad came for a visit a little while ago and Ty really enjoyed his time with Grandpa. We enjoyed going for walks and my dad bought Ty a toy that he loves!

I made baby food with my friend Launa, her little guy is 10 days younger than Ty, he is pulling himself up to stand on furniture. Here is Ty trying to learn the basics.
Ty really likes blueberries. So does his chin.

And for some very strange reason that is only contained in his baby brain, he has started squinting his eyes and screeching.

We haven't posted pictures of our house yet, it is still a work in progress but here you can see our kitchen/living room area. We had a grambelkwaak dinner the other night (that is a combination of our last names, so fun!) and there were 10 people here for dinner. I love having a bigger room for hosting!

We are headed to Hawaii next week, whoo hoo!! We will think of you all while we are laying on the beach in the sunshine. ;)


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see your new house being put to such good use. We love your table! The rest looks great too.
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

...and Ty is adorable!!! :)

Nana and Grandpa

Mama Bear said...

wow...Ty is growing so fast!! And the new house looks great! Have fun in Hawaii! :)

Lowell & Julie said...

The house looks GREAT, guys! And I can't wait to witness Ty's eye-squinting-screeching-delightfulness!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are having so much fun with Ty. And just to let you know, they only get more fun. Rowan is 2 and sooo much fun! Parenting is definetely a joy!

Haley said...

That is one sweet little man that you have. Thanks for a great Grambelkwaak event. And for delivering all of my forgotten baby gear.. The weather today had me plotting various stow-away in your luggage kind of strategies :)