out and about

ty loves being out. outside, out to the store, out on a walk... he is much better behaved when he has a chance to get out of the house. if he can get dirty, even better. luckily we have been able to take advantage of some recent sunshine to get out to the beach.
these first few are from earlier this week.

niko and ty play their own version of fetch.

these pictures are from today. the sand is easy on niko's paws and ty loves to play in it, so we will likely be here a lot if the sun comes back.

yesterday i took ty with me to home depot. he had a great time toddling down aisles, beating carpets and putting paper in a box. it's funny, i think when i go out with ty i am the recipient of some reverse sexism or something. people love it. everybody's got something to say, to me or to ty. fun for both of us anyways.

"forget about your blinds dad. check out my sweet scraps of paper in a box!"


shareen said...

I like Niko's bootie. Glad to hear he's enjoying getting out now. I spent most of today getting the garden ready for planting since we actually had some sunshine today. :)

And Ty putting paper in a box is pretty funny. Although I do recall he likes throwing things in the recycling bin...do more practice?

Haley said...

I love the playing in the sand pics! Coby too would like to spend all day outside - she stands at the back door holding her shoes hollering 'Shoe - out!' Kylie, when the sun shines you'll have to come by and we'll dump them in the sand box together.cosit

Haley said...

OK, that's strange at the end of my comment, cosit was the word google made me decipher to post the comment, no hidden message (that I know of..)