Labour Day

Shareen and I spent this past long weekend helping it live up to its name - we did some hard labour canning 60 pounds of tomatoes (which we turned into sauce) and 20 pounds of peaches.

We started Friday night by boiling all the tomatoes down . . .

And the next day adding spices and carrots (for thickness) then blending them all into sauce. Lots of work but well worth it. mmmmm

The next day we started on the peaches. We put them in the sun to ripen faster. Lucky Shareen did most of the work while Marc and I went to a BBQ. Thanks Shareen! Unfortunately we were so frantically trying to finish the canning, we didn't take a picture of the final product. Close your eyes and imagine 18 large jars of juicy Okanagan Peaches. Tasty!

While also doing the majority of the canning, Shareen also babysat Ty so Marc and I could go out for dinner. Here she is being paparazzi auntie!The whole weekend was not hard labour though. Shareen introduced us to Mexican Bulldogs. . . a margarita with an upside down corona. mmmmm Best enjoyed on the patio with a silo in the background.

Last week we also headed up to Sheridan Lake to a friends cabin for a couple of days. No worries, lots of relaxing there too! The kids had a great time and so did the adults.

Hiking to a (sort of) nearby waterfall . . .
Uh Oh . . .

Enjoying the water:

Hope you all had a great weekend that involved lots of relaxing and not too much labour. ;)

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shareen said...

I just realized that Maggie is sneakily hiding at my feet in that picture of me. She loves that mat.

I could use a mexican bulldog right now. Especially if you serve it in tupperware.