last week we were privileged to host my sister carlynne and her husband dan.  their arrival coincided with the biggest 2 day snowfall we have had in years.  this made for a cozy time involving lots of sitting around drinking coffee or wine.  ty had fun with both carlynne and dan.  they have been gone for a while, and he still mentions them almost every day.

the sudden change in climate fostered tobogganing opportunities and lots of playtime in the snow.

this picture is reminiscent of calvin and hobbes.

ty has an actual winter jacket, but he loves this fleece hoody and he has much more freedom of movement in it.  works just fine with fluffy dry snow.  thanks uncle vern and aunt wilma!
dan and ty composed a song in garageband while we took carlynne along as a consultant to the upholstery shop.  we made carlynne and dan huevos rancheros with avacodo and lime, and they made us a sweet indian chicken curry.  we played rummy in the evening and went for walks during the day.  i also took carlynne and dan and ty to check out the harrison hotsprings resort pools.  in what is fast becoming a theme, ty once again had a great time with his uncle and aunt, between getting spun around, playing with snow in the water and watching them burst up from the depths, he spent most of the time laughing. 
alas, with our ottawa relatives departure, our ottawa weather fled as well.  several days after they left chilliwack and area received a wonderful ice rain.  i left my shift one night to find the 4runner encased in a 1 cm thick coat of ice.  there were numerous fires and power outages, but now we have our reliable west coast winter back again.  rainy and 7 degrees for the next week.  thankfully at higher altitudes this rain is falling as snow, and the ski hills near our house are posting record snowfalls.  after a fifteen year hiatus i have decided to start skiing again, which will be the subject of my next post.  good bye carlynne and dan.  ty misses you!


Mama Bear said...

wow! I can't even BELIEVE how much snow you guys got out there! That's insane! Sounds like a great visit!

shareen said...

you guys look like you had so much fun! I'm sad I missed out, but am glad I didn't travel in the craziness. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys and the crazy kid soon.

shareen said...

also, that picture of you two sledding looks SO much like a Calvin & Hobbes shot. Love it.

Lowell & Julie said...

So much fun with auntie tss tss (the second) and uncle dan!!

ps- gotta get me back to harrison hot springs!!