My Winter Vacation by Tyrn James

It has been a while since I have graced this blog with my writing and I must say my writing has vastly improved since last time.  I spent the week with Grandma with visits from Grandpa and Brad (or Bleh as I say) and Raquel and Maria (ya ya in my books) and then moved on to Nana and Papa's with Reen, Thht Thht and Lowell. 
After my bath, with Grandpa

Grandma made Valentine's cookies with me and I played in the snow.  I am a BC boy and not a fan of cold weather but even though my hands got cold I enjoyed my time outside. 

"Come on Ya Ya!"

I moved on to Nana and Papa's at the end of the week and had lots of fun there too.  I had art morning with Carlynne, I even "helped" her with some details on one of her paintings, baked with Nana and went in the hot tub with Lowell. And visited with some strange fellows . . .

"Ummm Thhht Thhht do you know this strange man you are holding me dangerously close to?"

I was very happy when mommy and daddy returned tanned and rested from their tropical vacation!  We went swimming, had lots of fun visits (Thht Thht wrote about these here and here) and sang the new songs I learned. 

Auntie Julie and Uncle Lowell used their photographic skills to take fun pictures of Auntie Shareen's make up skills as well as cute cousin Fraser and I and Mommy and Daddy!

Can you believe this revolutionary in the making will be two next week?? ;) Me either!


shareen said...

Oh Ty, it looks like you had a fun vacation - I enjoyed spending time with you (minus getting woken up at 6am, work on that will ya?). And you played basketball in the pool! I love the picture of you, Mommy and Daddy on the couch - very cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ty. I thought of you lots today.
Two is so big. Did you have a little party? Auntie Zell's Shane had a birthday today too, so they had a party for him. Do you have nice weather? We really do. Love you lots, Auntie Cheryl