Lethbridge Part 2

Our last week in Lethbridge saw us continuing and amping up our many visits and visitors. We had great visits with both Marc's family and my family and often combined the two.


Hot tub fun!  

We had visits with old friends . . .
Marc's childhood friend Colin and his wife Christine and family.  Ty loved feeding the horses and seeing the cows.  He has exclaimed many times since that he saw cows that make milk and horses that eat grass at Nolan's (Colin and Christine's son) house.

Visits with new friends . . .

Ty sure loves Ava.  (Marc's cousins daughter, which makes her his cousin twice removed. . .  once removed. . . something removed . . )  Regardless Ty loved spending time with her.  Amusingly he noticed (along with most other members of Marc's family) that Ava has many of the same mannerisms as Shareen and called her Auntie Reen a couple of times. 

Ty and Elijah (the son of a university classmate who happened to be playing at Nana and Papa's) minutes after they met.  They 'stole' apples out of the wheelbarrow and decided to enjoy them together on this newly stained chair.  Cute!

We headed to Waterton for the day and Ty saw his first bear just across the lake here.  A quick hike to Crandall was perfect for Ty's hiking ability.  He was able to hike most of it with the occasional breaks on Marc's shoulders.

Yes Fraser is really inside this large backpack cover. ;) According to the tag it is also fire retardant. Crazy! 

 This little man is becoming so cute and smiley.  I love this stage! 

Lowell was making a walrus face with carrots and Ty walked over to Nana and said "two carrots please."  Here I was thinking he was being extra healthy, little did we realize he just wanted to make a walrus face too.

And what Waterton trip isn't complete without a requisite ice cream stop?

Nana and Papa got to spend lots of time with all three of their grandchildren together . . .

The start of many years playing cars together.

Cute little Fraser's hair

Papa coming home from work!

On the way home we made two hiking stops (one brief, one for lunch) and promptly decided at 6:00 to keep going through and make it all the way home in a day.  Despite leaving at 9:30 am and stopping for dinner and two walks we still made it home by 12:15am.  Our boys are great travelers!

We stopped in Canmore to hike up Grotto Creek, complete with its own rock slide.  I look much braver than I actually felt here.

At this exact moment in time I was thinking . . . 'I can't believe I just let my two year old go down this ten times! It is much more slippery than it looks!'  Simultaneously I was thinking, 'I am such a wimp.  I just watched my two year old go down this without incident ten times!'

A lovely time at home. Can't wait for Christmas.


shareen said...

aw, I love the picture of papa and his boys - and his face at receiving Ty's kiss. And the walrus...what a kid you have.

Lowell & Julie said...

Loved your Lethbridge visit and can't wait for the next one!
PS- That picture of Fraser's hair is one of the reasons why I'm sort of avoiding cutting it. It's just too. Dang. Cute.