Mish Mash

We have had quite a few beautiful sunny days recently and spring is in the air.  Yes easterners you read that correctly, spring is in the air.  It may not necessarily be coming imminently but it's hint is definitely there. 

 On this particular beautiful day, we picked up Subway and headed to the river beach. 
 Here I am telling Marc that I found $5!!  My excited face needs some work. A couple of seconds later I realized it had fallen out of my pocket. 

Here Ty is trying to steal Zeke's pineapple cake from Taiwan.  "Give me back my pineapple cake Zeke!"  Ty was way too slow, Zeke had demolished it in no time.

Here's some recent randoms:

Ty loves little hot wheels.  Actually Ty LOVES little hot wheels.  He calls them his 'little cars' and he takes them everywhere - to bed, to quiet time where he has several bins of other toys, in the bath.  He likes to line them up and Marc found him the other day "sleeping" with his little cars after he had put them all to bed. ;)

Oh the beautifulness.  These two pajama clad boys played outside for an hour wearing only their pajamas.  I love it here!

Ty painting a picture for Auntie Reen's birthday.  He takes after his mother and grandfather when concentrating.  Tongue comes out.
Biking at the gym:
After a lot of bike walking, Ty is now very proficient at the kick bike.  A little too proficient for his mother's liking.  Going down hills and over rocks has become his new M.O.  Thankfully he has also taken to saying, "I don't do big bike jumps till I get bigger mommy. Big bike jumps are scary."  Yes Ty they are.  Very very scary.

On Valentine's Day Ty and I made Valentine's owls, apples and gingerbreads.  My heart cookie cutter was later found under the stairs in storage.  Afterwards we headed to the Fraser as well, not as sunny but still beautiful! Later that night we went out to Bravo for dinner and had a delicious meal of french onion soup, bacon goat cheese salad, salmon with lobster bisque, duck pasta and chocolate mousse and lemon tart.  Mmmm I am hungry just typing that.

Zeke likes to eat rocks.  That gets a smile out of him!
Hope all you Albertans are enjoying your family day today!  We sure have been enjoying our "family days" lately.


Haley said...

Great pictures, those are two cuties. We've been loving the weather too! And after reading this post I'm going to book Mike and I in for Bravos soon, drool ;)

shareen said...

I love that Ty's "little cars" sleep upside-down. And what better napping partners could a boy have?

Also, I laughed so hard at your story about the $5 bill. Felt just like I was there. :)