last days of 2

this post records ty's final days as a 2 year old.  he has been a delight to have around recently, even including the incessant "why?"
nothing delights 2 year old boys like a helicopter flying in the living room.
zeke is ready for his brother to be 3.  if it means less abuse.  perhaps he is ready to be 2 himself so he can fight back.
ty has really taken to his bike this spring.  he is now confident with balance and steering.  his bike has no brakes, so it's flintstone style.  we're trying to work on steering out of the hill.  our own driveway is a decent hill training ground.

when ty gets to bike with daddy, he vibrates with excitement.  the farthest we've gone so far is down to the river and back.  the bike really extends his reach.

hide and seek has been a favourite as well.  often when i get home from work my first task is to find ty.  typically it's not very hard.
and of course hiking and picnicking is always a theme with us.  i looked down to text kylie and by the time i looked up ty was halfway up this hill.  i took this picture and it was only after that i thought it prudent to get underneath ty!
we've had some beautiful days here, but the last week has been dark and rainy.
luckily we were able to take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather with a few good picnics.  ty loves apple fritters... who would of thought??

while reading bedtime stories ty looked at me very seriously and said "today i see beaver water and his pile of sticks.  and i threw his sticks in the water!"  we didnt see the beaver, but we did see his pile of sticks... and some ducks.
now ty is 3!  yesterday we had his birthday party.  it was super fun, but there are enough pictures that it deserves a post of its own.  until next time.


Anonymous said...

Biking with Daddy! Awesome! What more could an active 3 year old little boy long for?! Oh wait! Maybe an apple fritter!
Nana :)

Lowell & Julie said...

CAN'T BELIEVE TY IS 3! And I also can't believe how close Zeke is to being one... CRAZY! He'll stand up to Ty's abuse in no time! I think that next time Fraser & Ty are together, Ty will be surprised at how well Fraser can hold his own... or at least brace himself for the hits haha!

Anonymous said...

Terrific! And I did think of Ty on his birthday. Glad you are having such family fun. Love from Aunt Cheryl