Camping Extravaganza

Marc and the boys and I just got back from a lovely few days away at Bear Creek Forestry Site, about 50 km from here on Harrison Lake. The days were gloriously sunny and we had the campground mainly to ourselves.  The boys played for hours throwing rocks in the water, playing in the mud and getting altogether very dirty while Marc and I read our books and sat on the beach.  (With a bit, or in Marc's case a lot of kayaking in between). 

The boys are reaching the age where they are actually playing together.  After months of Ty being angry at Zeke for stealing his toys, they are really starting to enjoy each other.  That doesn't mean that Ty doesn't occasionally exert a few well placed hip checks but they are definitely starting to enjoy being together.  (That being said, I am sure I am going to have to break up some brawls between these two in the very near future.  Zeke is quick like a dragon with his swipes.)
I love this shot. Zeke chillaxin in his high chair while the campers watch the kite surfer. 
Ty threw rocks for the "Rock Dog" as he called her for hours.  Elsa the rock dog belongs to the camp hosts and is a permanent fixture at Bear Creek.  Ty would throw rocks and she would contort her body in crazy ways to try and catch them.  He was constantly asking to go to the "Rock Dog's house" to see if she wanted to catch rocks.
One of the days that we were there, Jack (the camp host) took Ty and Marc in his motorboat to this little cabin just up the lake. A family lived here about 15 years ago. 

 This was a super relaxing camping time.  The boys slept until 8:00 or 8:30 most days (one day it was even 8:45) For those of you that know Ty this is absolute craziness.  Zeke is an awesome sleeper inner (I think he takes after his mom!) and was happy to continue that trend while we were camping.  

 Speaking of Zeke, he is becoming quite the ham.  He loves to put on sunglasses and hats and always squints his eyes and sticks out his teeth right after he snatches them away and puts them on his head.

The most beautiful phone booth in BC....

There was something very attractive on the ground to these butterflies and they spent the good part of two days congregating.

He's cute, even when he's dirty!

Each evening after Zeke went to bed, we would keep Ty up to roast marshmallows and hot dogs  - the most protein he's eaten in one sitting in weeks!  Don't worry they were 100% beef, no additives here. ;)

A lovely lovely trip. We just got back from a couple of days at Cultus and hope to go out again soon!  Here's to camping season!


Haley said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear that Ty enjoys a camping sleep-in - maybe you should think about relocating him to the RV permanantly?

Lowell & Julie said...

I love how you guys are such a camping family! And as per the norm, those boys are ca-UUUUUUUUte! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lot of great pictures! Ty is looking so grown up. I love two hat pictures of Zeke. One with a dirt tattoo on his cheek and the other one wearing Grandpa's hat.
Camping is great!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a lovely restful time. That is so nice. That was my plan for the summer, too, maybe later! I love to see your pictures and read the wholesome commentary. Love from Aunt Cheryl