Walking in a winter wonderland

 we havent mentioned it much on our blog this year, but i have been spending a lot of time in the eastern hillsides above chilliwack in the community forest.  some have referred to it as my playground, and that is pretty accurate.

 with the help of the city of chilliwack, our church and many local community volunteers we have been able to transform a 130 acre forest into a community wilderness park.  its not officially open yet, but many people are using it and it is beautiful in the snow!

 today the vanderkwaaks surpised us up there, catching up to our family mid hike.
 they came at the perfect time.  having kassi and james around gave ty and zeke a burst of energy just as they were starting to fade.
a gorgeous spot, a four minutes drive from our church.  a lot more to be done there in the spring!  good exercise and great fun for the whole family.

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