fun food

kylie and i have been making a lot of fun new recipes lately. i told my friend chauntille that i would send them to her, so i might as well share them more widely.

cranberry/brie pastries - i had these things at a lunch meeting at UBC and i decided to make them myself. they were good cold, but fresh out of the oven they are incandiferous! there might be an official recipe with measurements and stuff out there somewhere but its more fun to freestyle it

buy some filo pastry and brush one side of each sheet lightly with butter. fold the sheets butter side out into 5-6 inch squares. stuff the squares individually into muffin tins to make a shell. put in a chunk of brie cheese about the size of the end of your thumb (depending on the size of your thumb and your love of cheese) add a spoonful of canned whole cranberry sauce. then put another chunk of brie on top.
bake at 350 for 10-15 min
sprinkle some cinnamon on top
devour the whole pan in one sitting

sweet potatoe fries
cut up some sweet potatoes into fries of the desired size (thin = crispy, thick = meaty).
heat up a pan of olive oil to ~350 (or just really hot but not boiling)
dump in the fries (don't stir them too much at first or they will fall apart)
fry until they are the desired shade of crunchy golden brown splendour.
remove from oil and shake with desired spice in a closed container.
i used a pinch of coriander, some rosemary, black pepper, salt and sugar all combined and mixed evenly. apparently curry is good as well but i havent tried that yet; i have been perfecting the above mixture. i think paprika would be good as well.

you can also bake these fries +/- a light coating of olive oil if you're some kind of weird health nut, but if you really desire that deluge of dopamine its gotta be fried.

ps- to counter the fat content of the above recipes i should also advise you to brush your teeth, get regular exercise, wear your seatbelt and bike helmet and eat more fibre (all bran, yoghurt and fresh fruit makes a great desert). oh, and you ladies should get regular clinical breast exams and pap smears


shareen said...

I was reading that while eating a muffin and I almost choked (wait, let me be correct here, "aspirated")...new lesson: no eating and reading.

Jenessa Fowke said...

Thanks Marc. I am up for trying somethining new..as I think we are in one of those cooking ruts where we always cook the same routine of things. Oh - and isn't olive oil somewhat good for you?

c-haynes said...

I do recommend the cranberry/brie pastries as I had them at Marc's place last Sunday. Incredible but watch the top of your mouth as they can be super hot right out of the oven but ohhh so good...ouch my mouth!