Things I have learned since getting a Dog!

1. Dogs burp - did you know this? I did not know this. Niko burps quite often (at least once a day) and several times I have been petting him and kissing his face and telling him how cute he is and he burps right in my face. Quite lovely!
2. Dogs manipulate - it is amazing how humanlike Niko will be in his behaviour when he wants something. He bats his eyes, he puts on his cute puppy face, he pretends he didn't hear a command that we ask. Silly dog.
3. How to breathe when I run - I know that this really has nothing to do with a dog but since getting Niko Marc and I have been running a little more to give Niko exercise. One night we were running to the park and I was breathing through my nose as I usually do when I run and for some unknown reason I opened my mouth. WOW! I know that those of you reading this are asking yourself how a 27 year old woman (am I a woman? I would rather write girl.) does not know how to breathe when they run? Well apparently somehow along the way in my 27 years here on earth I missed the how to breathe when you run lesson. Several times! Since then I have really perfected my breathing through my mouth and have been running more regularly and actually enjoy it. (Small amounts though still) Maybe one day I will be a marathoner.
4. Last and certainly not least - dogs are really fun to dress up! As evidenced here is Niko dressing up as Marc and Niko dressing up as Kylie.
Hee hee.

In other news I have had an accident prone weekend. I jammed my pinky toe in the coffee table last weekend, Niko pawed me on the mouth and I got a fat lip (a small fat lip but still a fat lip) and I was searing salmon in olive oil and some hot oil splashed on my forehead and burned me (I did not wash it right away because I HAD to finish the salmon) and yesterday Marc and I went for a walk in nice beautiful weather and it tanned in the sun. Marc says it may stay like that. (I don't know if this is him being Dr Marc or him being silly husband Marc - how can I scare Kylie with my knowledge hee hee hee) And on top of all that, I have a bad cold. I'm glad it was me and not Marc who got the cold though because he has his big test this week.

Finally on a completely unrelated note I have noticed that I use a lot of brackets when I write. My mom does too and I would always curse her when I was typing the family Christmas letter because brackets are annoying. I am becoming like my mother. AHHHHHHH! :)


Jenessa Fowke said...

I can relate to the dogs being human thing Kylie. Our dog liked to purposely ignore commands as well and he procrastinated if he doesn't want to do something (like stopping to smell the ground every foot until he got to hid dog run.) Too bad about the toe, you must have said some bad things when that one happened, how could you not, Ouch!

shareen said...

I think Niko looks cuter in your outfit than in Marc's, Kylie...it shows off his feminine side... And there's nothing wrong with excessive use of punctuation...I use way too many "..."'s. ALL THE TIME I TELL YOU! I read an article about how email and the internet is ruining the English language because no one uses proper grammar or spelling anymore. I have no idea what they're talking about... CYA L8TR. :)

shareen said...

shut up - you changed the comment feature??

I feel validated.