Happy Mother's Day!

Marc and I both have great moms! Happy Mother's Day you two, you are both awesome. We love you and miss you and appreciate everything you do for us. Have a great day! Love, Marc and Kylie


Anonymous said...

Hello Marc and Kylie,

That was a very nice mother's day idea. They'll be ticked! Infact, I do believe our mom was. She emailed me first thing this morning to go read it. I also enjoyed reading other parts of your blog. It was very amusing. I m ay have to check it out more often. Especially when I need some cheering up.

PS Kylie, I like your new glasses. And that big mark on your forehead is barely noticible.

shareen said...

Well, Carlynne, I believe the word you meant was "tickLed" because our dear little Mother definately was NOT ticked about the blog.

She kept randomly laughing about it during breakfast. It was cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I'm going to try again to comment-I haven't been too successful yet. I too was tickled - in fact moved would be a better word( I'm glad no one walked by my open door when I was reading it at work) Great picture eh! People say we look alike-what do you think! But Kylie I have a bone to pick with you-I faithfully do my laundry every week-so you will have to blame someone else for that one.Thanks you guys,that was really special.(and I loved my gift certificate-I got 2 beatiful hanging bags for the deck)
Love you guys