my mom

many people have a lot to thank my mom for. she is the penultimate hostess and generous with both her time and her home. my parents' house has the air of a hostel at times; it is thick with university students, international students and anyone who mentions in or near my mom's presence that they are in need of a warm meal or a place to stay.

i have a lot to thank my mom for. she gave me freedom when i needed freedom, rules when i needed limits, trust even when i might not have deserved it and love all the time. my friends always felt welcome in her home and if they felt any hunger it was brief. i think that i also have her to thank for my ability to eat huge amounts of food and not gain weight. both my mom and i are quite physically active but i dont think thats the whole story... check this out.

here is my mom at christmas dinner (which took her all day to create). note the anticipation.

here is my mom after christmas dinner; note the plate and obvious lack of uncomfortable gastric distension.

thanks mom, for christmas dinners, friends' dinners and the intrepid stomach!


Mama Bear said...

wow, your mom really did lick that plate clean. That's impressive!

marcandorkylie said...

hey shelley, i think the secret lies in her zamboni-bun technique.