In a pile of tears and desparation

The dreaded non-ending has occurred. Marc and I watched the series finale of my (I could say our but I would really by lying, Marc really likes Veronica Mars but he can definitely go days without talking or thinking about it whereas myself on the other hand likes it just a teensy bit more) beloved show last night and I must say that I am a bit (okay more than a bit) depressed about the lack of ending. After doing some internet scouring today I found out that Veronica Mars was cancelled AFTER they had filmed the SEASON FINALE (not the series finale there is quite a difference folks!) and so therefore absolutely nothing was ended and there was in fact (NO! You are exclaiming at home, not that!) new story lines that were introduced. I have spent my day amazed that I can be this obsessed with a television show. I have been placating myself with drinking chocolate, crepes, Egyptian ├ęclairs (stale toffee suckers with choclate in the middle mmmm) and internet rumours of a movie to tie all the loose ends.

Don’t judge the show by this cheesy picture, it is really good!

Okay two posts about Veronica Mars is making me look a little fanatical, SO in other news Marc’s parents and sister have arrived in Nairobi and we are going to pick them up tomorrow! Thanks for the pictures Julie! We are really excited to see them and show them Kapsowar. Hopefully our newly arriving visitors will only render me in a pile of tears and desperation for one day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about V.Mars...I totally understand how easily it is to get addicted to a TV show when you're living in the bush in Africa.(I live in rural Uganda and have watched shows on DVD that I couldn't imagine spending 5 minutes watching at home)
Stumbled across your blog last weekend...it's lots of fun.Thanks!

abbott said...

I am with you Kylie on how Veronica Mars ended. I LOVE that show and I was just left hanging. It's just cruel. Kristen Bell is probably joining the cast of Heroes, so if you need a new show to become addicted to, there you go :)

H said...

He he he ... I am so sorry for you Kylie. Sounds like you are really shaken up by this :)
So great to have unlimited internet time to catch up on all the blogs I have been missing. I continue to be amazed by your stories and pictures ... you are a fabulous story teller!