back in stone town

after our second zanzibari beach tour we are back in stone town ready to absorb more history and tasty food. we had an amazing time on the southern part of the island staying in a little banda on the beach (the second storey was ours) with a relaxed rastafarian beach bar steps away.
this is ali, the dancing bartender.

many of the local women farm seaweed in the tidal plains. the little farms where beautiful and elegant in their simplicity and function (the ladies were beautiful too)

as on lamu island, the kids here are super friendly and outgoing, and once we reveal our meagre knowledge of swahili they are eager to make friends.

i cant do all our experiences justice sitting here in the post office when i should be wandering around stonetown, so i will wait until we are back in kapsowar to tell stories. there are so many other things to talk about, but no time. the thing that i am most excited about was probably swimming with the dolphins. i am not talking about swimming around a little pool with a trained dolphin like in west edmonton mall, i am talking about finding a pod of wild dolphins and snorkeling around the indian ocean right in the midst of a gang of playful beautiful intelligent creatures who were not afraid of me at all. but that story really deserves a good telling so i will leave it at that for now.
we are in stonetown for 2 more days before we head back up to kenya to return to kapsowar. after that it is working and packing and goodbyes. we are not ready to leave zanzibar and we probably wont feel ready to leave kenya... there is never enough time, but we feel pretty lucky to have the time we have experienced thus far.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing beach! I am so jealous,what a incredible adventure you are having. Love the banda-so rustic looking.
Love Mom/Cherri