Has it really been nine months?

We cannot believe it but Marc and I are packing to leave Kapsowar right now. We are leaving for Nairobi Tuesday morning and then off to Cairo Wednesday evening. We have had a busy week of packing and good-byes and in many ways are sad to go. In other ways we are ready to start our way home (slowly but surely!) and see our families and friends again.

This past Wednesday we traveled down to the Valley (about a three hour drive from here, and it almost feels like a different country with all the different vegetation and the heat!) for a Dispensary visit. Marc saw about 10 patients while I sat outside and read and provided entertainment for the locals. (Who knew that a white person reading a book could be so entertaining!)
The view from the top of the valley before we started the long way down.
On the way to the valley we saw many burned out, destroyed houses and after some discussion with our driver we found out that all of these houses were destroyed during cattle raids in the year 2000. The Marakwet (the tribe around Kapsowar) and the Pokot (the tribe in the valley) clashed and many houses were destroyed like the ones above and many people were shot. We had heard about this in-fighting before but to see the evidence was jarring.
A termite mound.
On the way home. As you can see the road is excellent ;). We were happy we didn't stuck behind this truck the entire way.

We have had an absolutely wonderful time here in Kapsowar and have been so blessed with all of the people we have met, both at the hospital and the station here. We said goodbye to our good friends the Larson's this week as they are away at a conference. We sure will miss this family and their great kiddies. I have so enjoyed homeschooling them and playing games and baking with them.

Marc and Juliana. Marc may be taking this kikoi thing too far. He looks a little too feminine for my liking in this picture. ;)
Stephen wondering what the crazy lady with the camera is doing.
Chara on the swing outside their house.

We had some of our Kenyan friends over on Thursday and what initially was going to be quite a small gathering turned into quite a large one and was a great evening! The food stretched to feed everyone and an evening of great conversation was had by all.
Marc went on one last bike ride today to say goodbye to the area. He got this shot of his admirers on the way.

Tonight we had a goodbye potluck with everyone from station. We unfortunately don't have any pictures but it was a great chance to say good-bye to everyone and stuff ourselves. It is 10:15 and I am still full! Our next post will most likely be from Egypt, so see you in Cairo soon! Happy Grey cup Sunday all you Canadians!


KreativeMix said...

safe travels!! gorgeous pics.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing a new area as you travel to Egypt. Love your blog - it's such a good way to enjoy your experiences.
Love Mom/Cherri