we are finally done our time in kapsowar... after packing up our lives in kapsowar and getting a fantastic sendoff by the nurses, and the rhodes we hopped a bus to nairobi.
on our way to nairobi we met a really cool american/brazilian couple named steve and jazzy. they are living in eldoret and it is really too bad we did not meet them earlier as we had tonnes in common and they would have loved kapsowar if they had come to visit. we made the most of our 24 hours together then said goodbye in order to visit the larsons one last time at mayfield guesthouse and then head to cairo.

we are having a great time in cairo with josh and ty and kelsey. josh found us a sweet hotel and we are using all 5 beds in a dorm room for $2/person/night.

our breakfast (gathered from various vendors and eaten at a coffeeshop underneath our hotel) totals about $2 for all 5 of us. at these prices we may have to stay in egypt longer than initially planned. these are the all night fruit stands right outside our front door.

up until today we had been filling our time with wandering around downtown cairo and drinking amazing blended fruit juices, but this afternoon we made our first foray into tourist egypt to see the pyramids. they really are montrously huge and magestic and we quickly noticed that if we walked to areas not accessible by bus we could be all by ourselves. i was offered a chance to climb the smaller of the 3 main pyramids (price inclusive of the guard bribe) but didnt feel like leaving my fellow tourists or worrying my wife, so i declined after much hesitation.

our time in cairo is something of a roommate reunion, as josh and ty and i all lived together in edmonton. the only person missing is aaron so we think he should ditch boring montreal and get out here quick before josh has to fly back to the sudan.

if you want to see more pics and a lot more exposition you can check ty and kelsey's blog as well, since ty is publishing his post right beside me.

thats all for now... we are in cairo for a few more days and then we will go somewhere else, we havent exactly decided where yet, but i bet it will be fun.


c-haynes said...

Nice place for a reunion. So if you had to run up a pryamid how long would you say it would take? Just trying to gage its size.

Josh and Njeri said...

How's the weather over there? Did you see any malaria? I had a great day here. The weather is getting cooler. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

tyrnandkelsey said...

Kylie, you'd better be careful. I hear that St. George might slay you if he catches you smoking shisha like that.
You guys look like you're having a great time. Your friends are HOT!

love, anonymous

Sixstrongarms@gmail.com said...

Hello you two!
Its great to see you all together having such fun! Will have to have you out when you return from your ventures and partake in some festivities! All is well and hectic as usual. We will follow the blog and your ventures!
Love Deb, Ross and Matt (Cairo too)!
You'll have to ask Ty to see a picture of her!